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Author Topic: FaceTrackNOIR: facetracking without headset new 1.7.2 version released!!!! look  (Read 147470 times)

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Hi V4friend! I would suggest a very easy step by step, possibly with picture, explanation of the procedure to follow to use your app. I must admit that I’m having difficulties in using it. But may be I’m just getting old.....

Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk

Obviously, you have the iOS App. So in order for the App to communicate with FaceTrackNoIR, you must decide if you want to use Wifi or USB. USB is perhaps the most reliable way to communicate and it has the advantage that your phone will remain charged. To setup USB, you must:

  • Install the iOS USB tracker for FaceTrackNoIR (see http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/Trackers/iOSUSB.htm , install to the proposed FaceTrackNoIR installation folder)
  • Install (or check the installation of) iTunes on your PC
  • Configure the USB port address on both FacePoseApp and the tracker plugin settings (see www.faceposeapp.nl , under 'Communication setup/iOS USB')
  • Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable

The USB tracker installation program also installs the program "iOS USB Tester for FacePoseApp". With that, you can try the USB communication if you do not have FaceTrackNoIR (yet).

If you also want to check the Wifi (OSC on UDP) communication, please ask?

Mind you: I am not so young myself (though you cannot call me 'grandpa' yet  :D )

P.S.: If you think the directions on the website are not clear, can you tell me which part are fuzzy? Feedback on the website is also very welcome!

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