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Author Topic: Arado Ar-80  (Read 2382 times)

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Re: Arado Ar-80
« Reply #12 on: September 17, 2022, 10:49:34 PM »

The B pit works beatuful with good visibilty when viewing the sides or rear. I think what would be good is adding a provsion for bombs on the wings for firepowerr as it handles good in a dive. V3 of the ar 80 was a testbed for the 20mm cannon with a rear pit and became standard armament with other German planes.

In 1937, the V3 was resurrected as a flying testbed for several experiments. It was fitted with a second seat behind the pilot for an observer, and also added an enclosed canopy. The plane was first used for testing a 20 mm cannon firing through the spinner, making it the first German cannon-armed fighter. This system, called the "motorkanone" - an armament format pioneered with the 37 mm cannon-armed French SPAD S.XII in World War I - would become a standard feature of most German inline engined fighter designs during the war.

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