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Author Topic: Junkers G24he series  (Read 1120 times)

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David Prosser

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Re: Junkers G24he series
« Reply #12 on: August 05, 2022, 06:42:46 PM »

I botched the first installation and then, I put the 'Java files for eclipse' under the air.ini. After that, the plane was flyable.




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Re: Junkers G24he series
« Reply #13 on: Yesterday at 02:20:03 AM »

I botched the first installation and then, I put the 'Java files for eclipse' under the air.ini. After that, the plane was flyable.

Hello David, you don't need those java files in the game, they are for creating the class files and they are already done and in the Junkers folder. ;)

The folder with the java is for anybody who wants to add anything to the mod such as another slot, they are for a program called eclipse
that is a java program you as a player have no use for them as what you need has already been made and are in the Junkers folder.

I have been playing around with the engines for the Junkers, it will be difficult.  However I do it there is other areas that intrudes
or does not cover enough of the new shape so even if I re-map skins would still need some additional paint so not just a case
of using the existing ones as is:

Here moved upwards but still the underside colour intrudes:

Things like the exhaust would need new areas so again skins would need adjusting:

As far as this goes the top and bottom can be done to wing upper and lower.
The port and starboard engine on the Ju-52 are mapped to that same area you see
the new engine mapping with the parts on wings done each side so there is more of
a issue with the main body.
Best way would be to map those parts and make another template, maybe adapt a existing
Ju-52 if there is one and then upload it so folks could make new skins, space is a problem
as you see so the sides would have to be done in the area shown with top and bottom on wings
the engine cannot really be divided up, shrunk maybe and positioned so that two engines can
be painted separately.
Big problem is I cannot identify just what was done to the nose, there seems to be a engine with a different
name underneath but it looks like the top of that nose uses the CAP from the Ju-52 but it could be a bit of the


Alex informs me there are different engines on the wheeled and float planes, that will be difficult to do anything with
as I would need to map two different parts, essentially create two templates but first I would need a existing Ju-52
template to begin with as I do not want to start from scratch so you might just have to use what skins you can find
that fit best with the engines as they are.

I have very little time to tinker these days so maybe a job for someone else, I will put it on the to do list for now.

Take care and be safe.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete.



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Re: Junkers G24he series
« Reply #14 on: Today at 12:27:33 AM »

 Thank you Pete for your thorough and factual explanation of this issue.
This does not apply to my installation, in my case everything went smoothly.

                 Much health and good luck.  ]thumleft[ 
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