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Author Topic: Need to understand the points/awards management in static campaign...please HELP!  (Read 414 times)

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Hi mates!

I was looking at how the awards were given from the game engine while playing a static campaign.....and I have some doubt about how to correctly set the campaign [Main] section....

Actually we can set 2 lines:

1st) campaigns side:

Class il2.game.campaign.CampaignBlue

Class il2.game.campaign.CampaignRed

IIUC this should mainly change how the victory marks are displayed.....

2nd) awards concession mode

awardsClass il2.game.campaign.AwardsDEfighter
awardsClass il2.game.campaign.AwardsDEbomber
awardsClass il2.game.campaign.AwardsRUfighter
awardsClass il2.game.campaign.AwardsRUbomber

The main difference between De and RU are the awards concession: linear (o to 7) for DE and repeated and jumped (0 1 2 3 2 5 2 7) for RU and how many points are needed for each medals....


I have the value of the points needed only for the fighter option and NOT for the bomber option....


award0 200
award1 800
award2 3 200
award3 4 500
award4 10 000
award5 20 000
award6 25 000
award7 30 000


award0 1 000
award1 3 000
award2 5 000
award3 5 000
award2* 10 000
award4 12 500
award2* 15 000
award6 20 000

Anyone can help me giving me the bomber scores x each awards values please?
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