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Von Charlie:
For years I have followed the work of S.A.S. I really enjoy the IL-2 with its mods.

I have flown online with some friends but I have never integrated into the community. I'm just doing it now and what a surprise. I haven't seen pilot activity on the Hyperlobby servers.

I would like to be informed about when and where the pilots of this sim meet to fly. Also if they use any ts. Is there a topic in this forum where online flights are announced and coordinated?


There's a weekly flying session on the SAS Dogfight server on Sundays at around 1230 hours GMT, and details for the TeamSpeak server we use are posted in the server chat. We use the UltraPack 3.4 modpack.

We'd love to have a new pilot join us!


--- Quote from: FL2070 on May 12, 2022, 09:01:55 AM ---1230 hours GMT
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1400 GMT during DST (summer)
1500 GMT otherwise (winter)

We fly several kind of missions, mostly coop with the occasional dogfight mission inbetween, for about 3~4 hours.
All kind of eras, from biplanes to silver barrels.
You can ask for a certain kind of mission on TS while we're flying if you want.


We have a few old rusty and dusty crusties who fly a couple of HSFX7 missions nearly every
night  in the 1900 - 2300 hrs EST window.
We communicate using TS3 available for free here :

Newcomers always welcome.

Anyone interested in getting connection details pm me (Kopfdorfer)
here at SAS , M4T , IL2 Freemodding or IL2 Air Combat.

If you haven't experienced online play you should try it.


Von Charlie:
Thanks Guys



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