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Author Topic: Polenfeldzug 1939 / Kampania Polska 1939 - updated May 04, 2023  (Read 3058 times)

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Re: Polenfeldzug 1939 / Kampania Polska 1939 - updated March 31, 2023
« Reply #12 on: May 06, 2023, 01:13:06 AM »


Polenfeldzug 1939 / Kampania Polska 1939 updated to v.3.

Changes in v.3:
Changed skin for the RWD-14, so the national insignias are shown.
Corrected wrong skin name for the He45 and the FokkerFVIIB3m (a missing $ added).
Added suitable skins to replace the default skins in the plane folder for the FokkerFVIIB3m, since custom skins for stationary planes don't always work in DGenMOD depending how the stationary planes are made.
vehicles.planes.FokkerFVIIB3mStatic$FokkerFVIIB3m   No custom skin is used.
vehicles.planes.Plane$FI_156            Custom skin is used.
Improved briefings.
Corrected transfer mission. The campaigns were to the most part tested in DGenMOD and there were some changes in DGenMOD that gave errors in transfer missions, which now have been corrected.

http://vonoben.free.fr/  Il-2 1946 Misc files page

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