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Author Topic: Il-2 Late bombing guide lines restored (and a couple other bits tweaked)  (Read 1116 times)

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Get it here:


From the included readme file:

This little cockpit mod applies to the Il-2 cockpit mod by Greif11, which is included in B.A.T.

It is principally for the later Il-2 models, fixing the lack of bombing guide lines painted on the cowling.

This required to make a new material entry in Body.msh.

Along the way, those elements also using the texture COWL.tga got cleaned up. Namely, the side canopy rails upon which slides the canopy, the fixed arch of the forward canopy, and the iron sight post outside on the cowling.

The rail and arch are also fixed for the early Il-2, as both cockpits share the same COWL.tga. I have here a folder for the Early Il-2, containing the altered Body.msh and COWL.mat and .tga files.

In Body.msh are the positions for the two PoVs, plus a third added by me. CAMERA is the 'normal' PoV. CAMERAIM is the 'sight view'. CAMERAUP (newly added) is a POV I've set to lean to the left, to help with taxying. This last view is enabled when the canopy is open and you hit the 'raise seat' key.

You can adjust these PoV locations as you see fit. Note that the original data have been disabled with preceding "//" characters. The topmost of these lines has appended to it, "//L U F". This tells you that the last three numbers, which set the X, Y and Z coordinates, when increased in value will move the PoV Left, Up and Forward, respectively. (The first 9 numbers are the transform matrix, which you will leave as they are.)

I include the cockpit class files for the IL-2 Late. Here I added my expanded 6dof limits, permitting to better move about and thereby improve the view of the outside world. The Java file for this is included also.

As ever, this work is offered for use by any and all, for any purpose whatsover, without restriction.

Feb 23, 2022

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Re: Il-2 Late bombing guide lines restored (and a couple other bits tweaked)
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2022, 12:17:09 PM »

That was quick
I'll look into it later and see if they actually work

Thanks again Glenn ;D
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