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I was thinking of setting up a list of books, mainly on WW2 aviation. They could be categorised by plane type, air force, theatre, or unit. They could also be on day to day operations or individual careers. Most books will be the English language edition, with a few in other languages. What do people think and what would you like to see?

I would include where possible the publication year and ISBN number so those of you who wish to research them could do so. I could recommend some but that is a subjective matter where some may appeal to one person but not another. Anyway, let me know if my time spent will be worth it. I have a personal research library on the subject that can be a starting point.

If anyone wants a book on a particular aircraft say I will see what I can find.

Hello larschance,

making a list of WWII aircraft books is a very good idea.

I would be very happy about your work.




Andy H:
Yes, good idea.

Thanks guys. Please bear with me as I have to prepare various lists to see what is most useful to you for your reasearch and creativity.

e.g. Book title, category (day to day, air force, aircraft, unit). Does it include maps, colour schemes, photos, daily ops or general details etc. Language where different from English.

example 1
A History of Chinese Aviation until 1949 by Lennart Andersson published by AHS OF ROC in 2008. ISBN 978-957-28533-3-7.
Contains maps, photos, colour profiles. Lists all aircraft used especially pre WW2. Not an operational history but gives information not seen in English elsewhere.

example 2
The Forgotten Few by K.S.Nair published by Harper Collins in 2019. ISBN 978-93-5357-067-5. The Indian Air Force in World War II. Contains a few photos and gives an operational history through the eyes of the Indian airmen.

There will be other books on the same topic and of course any list will be incomplete. One thing I am concerned about is how much space this may take on the website. Are the adminstrators happy for me to continue in this format or is there a limit? It may be there are other websites which list these books more professionally, although I have not seen a comprehensive work anywhere yet.

Whatever style you come up with, alone the topic is for interesst to me.
So no complaints, just Thank you for your work



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