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Author Topic: Can we finally fix the one month discrepancy?  (Read 159 times)

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Can we finally fix the one month discrepancy?
« on: December 06, 2021, 04:28:47 PM »

Since year dot this game has suffered a one-month offset. If the mission date is, say, Sep 15, when loaded and flown the date becomes Oct 15. This is a bit annoying if making historical missions, particularly in middle and higher latitudes, and where times of sunset/sunrise/twilight duration are of concern.

I've been trying off and on for some time to come up with a solution. But my non-programmer's brain seems to be failing me. I can get the FMB to use the correct month, but this by itself does not address the more fundamental problem. Any brainiac out there willing to look at this? Mission.class and PlMission.class seem to me to be the starting point in tracking this down...
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