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Author Topic: POETI/NAVIGATORI italian destroyers classes in BAT  (Read 1201 times)

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Re: POETI/NAVIGATORI italian destroyers classes in BAT
« Reply #12 on: October 19, 2021, 01:27:38 PM »

i am putting up the folder form my working Italian DDs in mediafire for download here:


coincidentally, I also have the Japanese DDs running in my modded pacific air war module as well; the key seems to be this 4799.... classfile which is included in this download here;
my packs are still running on BAT 4.1.3 and I am using some more of Gios ships in both, the European and the Pacific modded modules, so it really might come down to a trial and error method with the classfiles to get the ships running; other than that, i cannot give much help i fear as said, my modules are highly modified and fine tuned to work with what is included; but for ships, usually having the master classfiles (the 4799....) and the relating ship classfiles (the italian DDs are included here) should get the ships you wish up and running... no guarantee though :)


Yeah Griffon... it's works fine and well in my 4.2 installation.
I noticed that I have 70% crash if I rename the folder.
The file must be on top of the others WAW folders installation keeping the original denomination.
A million of thanks!


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