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Author Topic: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT"  (Read 61825 times)

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« on: September 28, 2021, 01:24:20 AM »

NEW +++ BAT 4.2 Flashpoint +++



You need to have a working, clean BAT v4.0 or v4.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 

>> Also contains all material from the old updates 4.1.1 to 4.1.3! No need to install those separately anymore <<


Installer:    https://www.mediafire.com/file/mp2swcerumhwacy/BAT_v4.2_FLASH_POINT_Installer.exe/file
Installer Mirror: BAT v4.2 FLASH POINT Installer.exe

Part 1:       https://www.mediafire.com/file/76um2af389d6s8z/BAT-v4.2_01.zip/file
Part 2:       https://www.mediafire.com/file/i0ixbndjn3ovf7t/BAT-v4.2_02.zip/file

Mirror for the two zips:
Part 1:       https://mega.nz/file/UXVykIgA#tUXUGrTxuEnylqDoNRd5XwTx_qlrD32V0yI202GN7tE
Part 2:       https://mega.nz/file/0D91lBhS#LhXL5UnPPRd064XudZKeuKuLgfVlUHEMrnJRgEfN4tE

For Bugfixes and Patches, look here:
Please follow up with the BAT 4.2.1 update:

Windows may be a bit uncomfortable about downloading the installer .exe.
The files is safe and this is a false alarm:
It's a false positive.
Here's the virus report for the installer: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a8ef19d95c62bc93ee7da67357bbe8c495e2e1c8700bc42a860539cb0a90b548
The file is safe. It's only Microsoft's Defender and one more oddball who get triggered, and false positives unfortunately are quite a common thing for NSIS installers (see https://nsis.sourceforge.io/NSIS_False_Positives)

How do I install an update?

0. Back up whatever you need to conserve from #WAW3, #DOF3, #TGA3, JTW3
1. download all the 3 files into one folder (exe + 2 zip - make sure, this place is on your windows defender exception list!)
2. deactivate all JSGME Mods for safety
3. run the installer exe and direct the extraction into your BAT install
4. NEW! Select if you want WAW only or also DOF, TGA and JTW modules (for 4.1 installs only)
5. enjoy

- the folders #WAW3, #DOF3, #TGA3, #JTW3 will be completely deleted and replaced! Make backups of material you want to preserve.

During installation, you will be asked, if you want to install just WAW or also DOF, TGA and JTW:


There is an awful lot of new happening under the hood.

-New Selector v4.0.2

A new selector exe comes with this install!
Your Windows may try to protect and warn you when you launch the selector for the first time and you maybe must manually approve it for the first time.

Look into your #WAW3 folder for example and you will notoice a new folder structure. There now is only one single "BAT-classes" folder, which contains all java classes in an unhashed format. The new spec-revised EngineMod is now also completely merged into the BAT-classes.

-New BAT EngineMod!

The BAT EngineMod got a much needed update and full rework by java master Storebror and Whistler. Many fixes were written and new features were integrated. Now BAT Engine Mod has become it's own development branch with the EngineMod family - and that comes with consequences! It is as of now not only discouraged to run any other than the built-in EngineMod on BAT, but now it is practically guaranteed to cause you problems if you try. But there's no reason you have to try ;D

Stick with the BAT EngineMod! It's the best there is for your install.

It is updated, maintained and is spec-built for BAT, to cater all its integrated features, such as Mission Triggers for example.

-MPC - Plus 2.2

Fixes and adjustments for the GUI and Mission Builder by Whistler

Code: [Select]

  - 3D windows allow for larger aircraft/ships (Zeppelins, Nimitz carrier...)
  - Tracks/Recordings screen reviewed (different switches, "Loop" off by default)
  - Training screen resized
  - Controls window reviewed
      + New horizontal guidelines
      + New "Save as Default" button, it will override default controls (Users/default.ini).
        This allows you to easily apply predefined controls to any existing pilot:
        Save Controls > Select Pilot > Load Controls.
        New pilots will also get by default the predefined controls.
  - New "Icons" screen, available from Setup > Misc Settings. Credits to TD (4.13).
    Settings can be changed in the middle of missions.
      * DOT: Distance at which the dot becomes visible
      * COLOR: Distance at which the icon takes on the army color
      * TYPE: Distance at which aircraft type information is displayed.
      * NAME: Distance at which Pilot name becomes visible
      * ID: Distance at which aircraft ID numbers become visible
      * RANGE: Distance at which range information is displayed
      * ALT ICON: Distance at which the Alternative Symbol is displayed
      * ALT COLOR: Color of the Alternative Symbol
      * ALT SYMBOL: The alternative icon, any single character

  - Trigger interface re-organized to take advantage of the vertical object window

  - New ScrShot.class that restores tga format

-GEE + Navaid mod v1.2 by sputnikshock



Navaid is a virtual navigator/navigation help intended for use with planes that did carry sophisticated navigation
instruments like D/F loop antennas and radio compasses, but do not have these in game.

When the player selects a radio beacon, Navaid mod emulates a navigator, who will report to the pilot bearing and
distance to the selected beacon. He will keep updating his report frequently until the player selects a different
beacon, which the navigator will then report on, or selects 'beacon: none' which will deactivate the reports. In
order for the navigator to properly receive radio signals and do his calculations (imagine him actually tuning into
two beacons and then triangulate your position) you need to be no further than 120km from a beacon, and no closer than
2.5km. Also, your altitude must be at least 150m above that of the radio beacon.

Navaid mod adds three objects to game. These need to be placed in mission builder to take effect. Also, the units will
only work when assigned to the same side as the player (Blue, Red, etc).

Navaid(km) outputs metric units, while Navaid(miles) outputs statute miles. Navaid(bearing) omits the distance
to/from a beacon and shows bearing only.

It works with any type of radio beacon, NDB, YG, YE(carrier), and blind landing beacons. Remember that a beacon needs to be assigned to the same side as the player in order to be receivable.


- London to Berlin. 1/2 Scale Map of Western Europe by Checkyersix

- Nordsee Map (by Waggel) - improvements and update by Bombsaway

We got rid of blank pink splotches. Thanks to Bombs for helping me out !

- Vietnam BB update by Geschirrspülmaschine19

another update and improvement on this map

- Iraq 1990 BETA - Desert Storm (Iraq 1990-91) by Filippo1995 based on the Iraq map by agracier

This map has been in beta mode for a few years now, so it is what it is at this point. A nice addition and more modern Iraq variant with some serious FPS challenges over heavily populated towns.

Integration of many VP_Media retextured maps (mostly stock) - packaged in tested by Tore and genXgamer, many thanks!
Code: [Select]
-Old stock Normany 1 - 3

World at War:

- LSO Landing Assistance Carriers element (by mace)

Previously only in JTW.
Place in a mission, same side as you and the carrier and when approaching the carrier, you will get LSO information about your approach on the bottom of the screen! 
It also works with Wire Trap objects!



A whole new section for action!  --  LTA - the Lighter Than Air for the US Navy of the late 1930s.

The idea of extending the eyes of the fleet with airships, much faster than any ship, yet invulnerable to the imminent submarine scare led to some to the largest airships ever built, the USS Akron class. It even surpassed the Hindenburg in lift volume.

I started this development as a just-for-fun idea while plying around with mesh scaling. But I found interested partners to make this a proper projects. A TON of thanks to Storebror for java magic and to ZFlyer for catering my 3d wishes.

A few words on technical aspects of the mod itself

- Drones work only on one specific mother ship, they cannot be interchanged. In the aircraft list, these are sorted and you can identify which airship they belong to.
- The Akron and Macon, as any airship, had limited operation altitudes, the so-called pressure height. It's the maximum barometric altitude above which the airship would start to automatically vent gas and lose it.  The Akron-class has a pressure height of around 850m. With a special new FM feature, the airships can't be operated beyond much of that altitude.  So when building a mission, stick to 500 - 800 meters for good operations!
- Good operation speeds is between 90 and 120 km/h. 100 km/h is the best middle grounds as cruising speed. The Macon was capable of a top speed of 130 km/h
- The new airships cannot land! The gear parameters necessary for a plane of this size are not supported anymore by the base game, sorry.
- Docking works with the dock/undock key. You must assign that key.
- Docking is easy! All you have to do is to slowly move close, into the vicinity of the the docking trapeze and press the key. The game has a fairly reasonable threshold to "catch" you.

- Due to the highly integrated nature of the airships into EngineMod, and all the prerequisites for all the drones, I won't be making a stand alone for the time being.

The US NAVY Lighter-Than-Air-Force

- ZRS - USS Macon

The big scout carriers, like USS Akron and USS Macon were commissioned USN ships with a single docking trapeze under the internal hangar.
The Akron was eventually lost on April 4, 1933 with 73 hands of the 76 on board. Macon sunk on February 12, 1935 in a storm.

- Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk

The F9C-2 was a very small carrier fighter prototype, and was chosen for size. The Akron and Macon could carry four in an internal hangar and operated them mostly in a reconnaissance role. From late 1934, the aircraft were operated without landing gear over the ocean, to improve performance. You will find various loadout options with and without landing gear.

additional drones for the ZRS type:
- Consolidated N2Y Skyhook Trainer
- Grumman F2F-2 (fictional)
- Grumman F4F-4Z (fictional)
- WACO UPF-7 is also dockable and has received a skyhook loadout! It was established as a liaison trainer in 1934.

- ZRCV - USS Long Island  (fictional)

The concept of a true ZRCV floated around the BuAer from the later half of the 30s until as late as 1942. This mod is build after a BuAer design by  C. P. Burgess, that "could have been" in 1937/38. The length is 274m /898ft, volume is 270.265 m3 / 9,55 mio ft3.

With nine internal docking bays, one ship can carry half a squadron of bombers or fighters or a mix thereof.

- Northrop BT-1Z
- Grumman F3F-Z
- Grumman F4F-3Z
- Douglas SBD-3Z
- Grumman FM-2Z

Zeppelin 3d: ZFlyer48
skyhook mesh: mission_bug
Java Master: SAS~Storebror
Disaster Master: SAS~vampire_pilot

Special WAW bonus:

- "Dieselpunk" Zeppelin (franken)

- Dockable Paulus Dragonfly39 versions

... because this Frankenstein blown-up WW1 Zeppelin is where it all started. I didn't want to waste it.
It has one docking port and is a player oriented toy for whatever devious ideas you may have.
I plan to make an update for my "Crimson Skies B.A.T." campaign with them.

meshes: Gio
Hit boxes: SAS~Storebror
mashup: SAS~vampire_pilot

- Ju-288

3D and everything else not mentioned below: 101tfs
Cockpit shamelessly borrowed from Ju 188 mod, glass fixed by Pete "Mission_bug"
Slot, Weapons, Flight Model: SAS~Storebror

- Ki-87 I & II


- Ki-102b Randy & Ki-96

101tfs- All New 3D Importation
Dimon- Original K-102 Mod
Gumpy- Skin Conversion
Mick- Shadow Revisions
Stanislao- Default Skins, Testing
CWatson- Revised Classes

-new PV-2 Harpoon model (v1.23)

(To ensure backward compatibility, the old PV-2 models are still available, they have just moved to the "Old Hangar" section)
3d import by Dimon, 101tfs
other work by Epervier

- Knochenlutscher's TBM/TBF Family and Radar pack 1.88


- TB2D-1 Skypirate

3D and everything else not mentioned below: 101tfs
Cockpit borrowed with permission from Barnesy's "TGF Upgrades Pack 2021"
Slot, Weapons, Flight Model: CWatson, SAS~Bombsaway, SAS~Storebror

- P-38 FO-2 Trident

Crédits :
-first to 1Cmaddox for the original meshes and code
-to GJE-52 for the 3d modifications
-Just a few bits to crazyflak for the slot and for a few cheats to get it out
-a big bunch of credit to the creators ((BBury/Gibbage/Monguse) of the UI P-38 pack, since I borrowed quite a few hooks and weapon configurations from them
-Another big piece of credit to Tony Mucaro for the idea and inspiring plastic model.

- new 3d for Ki-10

3d import by 101tfs

!Attention: needs new skins!

- FM-1 and FM-2 Wildcat loadout expansion (by Stefan SG)

- Northrop BT-1, Grumman F2F-1 & F3F-1 added to WAW, previously only available in TGA
A side effect of the Lighter-than-air project.

various updates and fixes

- Bombay fix (Birdman, Epervier)
- B-29B Razon fix (Missile code)
- WXTech Il-2early cockpits
- F2A Buffalo family cockpit update (by Tyrl)
- F1M Pete instruments fix and default skin 1K resize
- Grumman F2F & F3F tube sight and cockpit improvements
- Spitfire IX / XVI reticle fix
- Kikka family winter default skin fix


Straight from the asheshouse "World of Warships" dockyards:

For detailed descriptions see "BAT 4.1.4 ships.pdf"

-USS North Carolina BB-55
-USS Colorado BB-45
-USS Omaha CL-4
-USS Atlanta CL-51
-USS Sims DD-409
-HMS Valiant
-HMS Repulse
-N48 Minesweeper
-RM Giulio Cesare
-RM Sloop Eritrea
-RM Leone class Destroyer

by pvd
-USS New York BB-34 (late war paint by stanislao)
-MHS Triton submarine

"Sevastopol" class mod by Bison_M

new paint for Airzona and Tennessee BBs

Other era modules new content      -    only accessible if you previously installed v4.1 Blue Edge:


- Zeppelin improvements (hitboxes and cockpit)
- BE2c custom skinning fix


The US NAVY Lighter-Than-Air-Force

The same deal as in WAW module, just without the post 1940 drones.

- ZRS - USS Macon

- Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk

- N2Y
- F2F-Z

- ZRCV - USS Long Island
- BT-1Z
- F3F-Z

Zeppelin 3d: ZFlyer48
plane hook mesh: mission_bug
Java Master: SAS~Storebror
Disaster Master: SAS~vampire_pilot

Boeing F4B-4

Naval version of Dimon's P-12E model in its own slot!

Nakajima A1N2

3d import: 101tfs
slot: Storebror

Curtiss F11C Goshawk  / Hawk II

comes with a carrier hook!

3d import: 101tfs
slot: Storebror


straight from the asheshouse "World of Warships" dockyards:

-USS Brooklyn
-RN Hermes CVL
-Nelson BB
-Devonshire CA
-Ajax CL
-Leander CL
-Vampire DD
-HMS Repulse
-N48 Minesweeper
-RM Giulio Cesare
-RM Sloop Eritrea
-RM Leone class Destroyer

by pvd:
-USS New York BB-34

slot from WAW module:
-USS Arizona

various updates and fixes

- new 3d for Ki-10 by 101tfs
- Hawk III cockpit repaint by Repetier_71
- BF2C-3 Goshawk in separate slot
- Butterfly sound fix
- A2N & A4N tubesight improvement and clipping fix
- Grumman FF1 cockpit view clipping fix
- Grumman F2F & F3F tube sight improvements
- F2F-1 / F3F-2 two bladed prop fix
- Avro Bison new FM
- ambient sound objects fix


- Victor B2 Bomber

Ranwers, Mace

- Mirage 2000 (BisonM version)


various updates and fixes

- SeaHawk gear fix (Epervier)
- Il28 turret fix  (Epervier)
- L39 / 39ZA / 139 cockpit sight fix
- B-47 cockpit update (Asura)
- An-26 new cockpit (Asura)
- B-36 collision and damage fix + formation EngMod fix(Storebror)
- New B52 FM -> D less drag

This is a work of many - Special thanks to Storebror, Whistler, cbradbury, Epervier, Griffon_301, and everyone who's work is in there!


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2021, 01:26:06 AM »

fixes and patches

no more fixes and patches, follow up directly with BAT 4.2.1 update:



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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2021, 01:27:24 AM »

Below is a legacy post for reference, describing all the content added with updates since BAT 4.1!

All of this is integrated in BAT 4.2! There is no additional downloads, this is just for reference purposes, in case you want to look up if a certain plane/ship/... has been added or who made a certain mod.

 BAT 4.1.1 - 4.1.3 content legacy
BAT 4.1.1 Update

This is not just a patch, this is a veritable update, which brings you an tonandahalf of new content, along with a huge amount of fixes and improvements. I did a lot of work on cockpits for this. As some wise man once said, that's where we spend most of the time in this game after all.


- Tow Target & Message updates - mace
- WxTech's 40m square palm plantation block object
- BATv4 Carrier Ops Consolidation (dogfight / muliplayer fix by Whistler)

- "Radio Ga Ga"  mod by Whistler
Enables Radio stations and beacons even if Music is turned off in the game settings. It effectively separates in-game radio from the general menu music feature!

BAT 4.1.1 content


- Nordsee summer + winter fix - Waggel/Mandril
- Truk 44 - Lonestar67
- Taiwan Strait - CountZero

To improve usability on smaller screens, I have separated some long map lists:
* Eastern Europe and Russia * now comes on two parts and  * ASIA * and *PACIFIC * become two map sections. Asia is basically continental Asia, Japan, New Guinea... ; Pacific is the islands and everything else.

World at War:

planes, planes, planes....

- Hawker Fury P (Mercury engine)
Original Fury: Original 3d Model, Java Files, FM: Dreamk
3d Fury_P: ZFlyer48
slot, P FM and skin: vampire_pilot

- Piper Cub new cockpit and family pack

Originally posted by Edlor three years ago, this fantastic Cub pit was never finished and the Cubs had ongoing conflicts in BAT. I cleaned up the java, sorted the slots out and finished the cockpit with working instruments and some graphic touch ups. Now you have a cub with skis, one with floats and a tundra big wheel cub along the regular one.
I hope you enjoy it.
import: Edlor
Java: Edlor, vampire_pilot
cockpit: Edlor, vampire_pilot

- F8F-1 Bearcats
Four early Bearcats, including a nightfighter! Coming too late for WW2, you find them in the US 1946 section.
Barnesy- Radar pod, revised Canopy, Keel, Rudder and Pylon meshes
Blackstaff- Testing, hook adjustment
Gerd- Original F8F 3D and Mod
JAYPACK44- Default skin
Jack in the Box(?)- Skin internals added to default skin
Gump- Testing, revised cockpit textures, and skin alterations
Redfox- Drop tank
Storebror- Radar realization and implementation from the Me262 HG V
CWatson- Revised slots

- G.50bis N
One more fighter for the Italian carrier! The G.50 was the first Italian fighter considered for carrier use and prototypes with hooks were built.
3D model - 1C Maddox , Team Daidalos , Red_Fox90(G.50B), Birdman(G.50B), Wolfighter(Pilot)
Cockpit - 1C Maddox , Team Daidalos , Red_Fox90(G.50B)
3D fix - Barnesy , PA_Jeronimo , Birdman (Mod Wheels and Fix engines cowlings)
3D and FM Arrangement - Loku(G.50 Bomber) , western0221
Java programming - 1C Maddox , Team Daidalos, Loku , F-22-Raptor-2006 and western0221
Skin - Agracier(G.50B)
Aircraft data and photos - Jjuurraa and mcmmielli

- Koolhoven FK-58
Importing into IL-2, skins and slot by Lone Wolf
Base model by Loku and Ranwers with,
1C for code
Epervier for start pack
TT - cockpit
Rudi_Jaeger -based skin

- Fokker T.V bomber
import: Dimon
java: Beo and CWatson

The French Naval Aviation family by Dreamk!

Dreamk brought on a whole lineup of French flying boats, float planes and other French naval aircraft. Fly them along with the new French ships!

- Levasseur PL101
- Late 298, Late 611, Late290
- Loire 70, Loire 130

- Fw-190A1
This is a conglomerate of material from the several A-1 out there, eventually working in BAT as a stand alone slot.
3D: Claymore,Stefan,Stock
Classfiles: Stefan
Skin: Emil
BAT hacking: vampire_pilot

- Fi-167 reworked
This plane never had a convincing cockpit of any kind so I put something together for this pack, based on the Ar-196T cockpit (SAS~Sani), with some additions.

- Until now, the plane was indestructible. Now it has a (very crude but working) fuselage hitbox, it can be shot at and it takes damage!
- opening canopy from inside view
- working hook
- dedicated FM
- Bonus: more loadouts, including a torpedo, and a few basic skins.

The plane is intended for use on the "Graf Zeppelin" or "Peter Strasser" (AI needs catapult)

notes and unfixed issues:
- Wingfold is not animated but after spawning on a carrier, you have to "unfold" the wings.. It was the best trade-off solution at this point.
- the spawn pattern is overlapping noses and tails. It looks a bit silly but was the best I could do at this point.
- Take off works! The aircraft is at the low speed limit for catapults so it may feel like a "bug", but AI and player can take off safely with every loadout.
- due to some pull to one side, AI can't take off without catapult. Graf Zeppelin has cats so it should be fine.
- Do not pull up hard after takeoff, the aircraft likes a very neutral initial acceleration once it goes over the ramp.
- AI can't take off from carriers without catapult due to strong pull to one side
- AI can't take off on land due to strong pull to one side
- after landing, the AI can sometimes drift to one side and fall off the deck.
- damage box is fuselage only.

- J2M Raiden family update (droptanks and J2M5 Kai (30mm) added)
Source: Tainan Pack
merge: vampire_pilot

- Hawker Hart / Audax
Introduced the slot in WAW, it was previously only in TGA.
Credits :
- Dreamk, Birdman

- Bf-190L series updated (by FL2070)
- SB2C family: front pilot made skinnable by reverting to stock pilot model.

various updates and fixes

- F4U1D new default skin
- P-51D new PTO default skins
- P-51D-5 no US stars markings fix
- B-24 engine cowl update (by PA_Jeronimo and various others)
- B-26 engine cowl update (by Gumpy)
- Fw-187 multiplayer fix (Whistler)
- PBN turret fix (Knochenlutscher)


The cockpit is where we spend most of the time so a few more updates and nice looking repaints got introduced:

- Cockpit graphic update P39N & D - by WxTech
- Russian cockpit update with opening canopy (Mig 3, Lagg, La families) - by the people at Aviaskins
- Bf-110 family cockpit update (TD 4.13 stock)
- P-51D new cockpit textures (Barnesy12)
- opening canopies for P-51D-5 added

- PBY / PBN new cockpit
1C/TD Maddox
Charlie Chap HSFX 7

vampire_pilot's lil' fixes:

- Ar-196 cockpit unification and small update
- P-61 cockpit update (Northrop emblem, variometer fix)
- J9N Kikka cockpit update (position)
- A6M Zero family cockpit graphics unification (no more mix of old stock graphics and repaints!)

The Cockpit Clipping updates

Cockpit clipping happens when the invisibility bubble around the pilot in the cockpit interferes with the external plane 3d. You will then experience gaps in the wings when you move your head for example. This is a problem with many modded planes where cockpits were taken from other existing planes. With a certain java method, the size and shape of the invisibility bubble can be modified, so this interference can be reduced or even completely avoided.
It works not always to 100% satisfaction but a lot can be improved. Sometimes a slight modification of the cockpit 3do itself is also necessary.
I tinker as I go.

Here is a list of cockpits I modified in this package in regards to fixing clippings:

- Avro Anson (my "Patient Zero")
- Miles Magister
- L-5
- He-115
- Bf-108
- Hurricane family
- CR.32
- TBF Avenger family
- SB2C Helldiver family
- Hudson/Ventura/Harpoon family
- Boeing Stearman
- Fokker T.V
- AT-9 Jeep
- UC-78 Bobcat
- Electra 10
- Beechcraft 18

Thanks to Mike for pointing the function out to me in the first place, thanks to asura for explaining the values in more detail.

Vehicles and objects:

Axis vehicles package
by IES Team
- 88mm towed (from cadnav)
- Sd.Kfz.15 (Horch 901) by Butthe4d
- Csaba.39M by Butthe4d
- Mercedes L3000 by Butthe4d
Sd.Kfz.6 : stock game
88mm towed by a Sd.Kfz.6 !
+ Front and rear parts of the towed 88
Static objects added :
   - 88 shells
Various DIY : Epervier
Credits Fiat-666 Fuel Truck :
Gio963tto - initial Fiat-626
Dimon - modifications pour en faire un Fiat-666 tanker
stanislao - textures
IES Tean & Epervier - remorque et autres bricolages

I have looked over the stationary vehicles and sorted them a bit more conveniently into Allied, Axis and Civilian. I hope this makes sense for mission builders, so it gets easier to find suitable objects to populate your sceneries.


BAT shipsmaster cbradbury chose to bring you asheshouses new additions:

Le Fantasque

BB Bretagne

HMS Rodney

find a more detailed 4.1.1 ships document as pdf inside your BATDOCS!

- Tirpitz and Bismarck paint update (Videmo, DESPEREAUX)

Other era modules new content      -    only accessible if you previously installed v4.1 Blue Edge  :


- Pfalz D.III 3d detail fix (by Gumpy)

- Replacement of the Allies / Axis designations in the plane lists with the era-equivalent Entente and Central Powers

Cockpit fixes:

- Farman IV cockpit update (clip outs)
- Taube cockpit fix (not changing skins)
- Albatros D family (tail clip out fix)
- Fokker D VI  (tail clip out fix)

Pre-Dreadnought generic Battleship
Credits: Schleswig-Holstein modelling and class files: Asheshouse.
Pre-dreadnought model: Silent Hunter 5
Import, additional re-modelling and skin: Erafitti

Dry cargo and liquid carrier ships in dazzle camo and re-modelled smoke stacks (closer to
Great War period).
Credits: Ectoflyer.


- Hawker Fury P
(as per WAW)

- Vought V65 & V95S
Two more American made interwar battle planes from the never ending stable of Zflyer48
Zflyer48, Dreamk, dona

The Golden Age also gets a selection of Dreamk's great French navy planes!

- Levasseur PL7, PL10, PL15, PL101
- Late 290
- Loire 70, Loire 130

Fixes and updates:

I have given the whole Lockheed family cockpits a once over. I hope you like it.
- Lockheed Mail Express cockpit update
- Lockheed Sirius cockpit update
- Lockheed Vega cockpit update

+ all relevant cockpit updates as listed under WAW


- Piper Cub new cockpit and family pack
- F8-F Bearcats

- Tu-16 Tanker and the Chinese relatives.

put together by Sausageman and CWatson
based on Tu-16 by BT~wasted

- new Yak-9P model (by 101tfs)
This replaces the previous stand-in mod

- Yak-17 Feather update

Vehicles and Objects:

- M54 cargo truck (Hood , Open)
- M54 truck with Fuel Tank and Pump Unit
- M55 Extra Long Chassis truck (Hood , Empty)

3d model: western0221
2d texture: western0221 , max_theHitman
slot: western0221

BAT 4.1.2 Update

This quite big update brings new planes and quite many fixes, updates and extras. Such the ported HSFX Triggers! Set AI planes up to appear or take off when triggered. Make messages appear on screen. Make tanks move or artillery fire when triggered....

Under the hood - New basic files:

launcher .exe and dlls

With this update we are delivering a new set of base game files - a new updated launcher exe by SAS~Storebror and a new set of basic dlls by Carsmaster.

On first launch, your Windows may detect the new version of the exe and warn you about it. You will probably have to allow its launch once, so don't be alarmed.

The new set of .dlls is basically an attempt to elevate all games to one set of dlls that should provide a more robust tolerance with objects that hit or surpass the game-inherent polygon boundaries. They should also provide the same HD access for everyone with one single set of dlls.  These files are not brand new and have been around for some time as stand alone mod.

They have been in wide use for a long time without trouble and we have tested them ourselves in various setups. They have helped to solve several problem reports in Tech Help. There are no specific error reports known to us, so we are convinced they are an improvement and should therefore become standard issue.

dlls can be highly individual and work or refuse to work in combination with your drivers and hardware, as you know from the set 1 or 2 guessing game. There is only so much you can predict from the outside, other than try and test a variety of possible set ups. We think this is the best way and a safe way forward based on the information available.

The new dlls are installed automatically as default, you have to do nothing yourself!

Should you, for whatever reason, experience troubles with the new dlls, you can always track back and use the old type 1 or type 2 HD dlls which can be found in each BAT under

The new set has been added as a copy as well, under BATDLLS-03_BAT-4096


Trigger Happy

HSFX Triggers, originally created by Catsy , now converted to B.A.T. by Whister

A long time ago, Catsy created a box full of new mission building options, now finally available in BAT:

1 – The “Apparition” Trigger allows to activate an object (in its global meaning, i.e. a group of 1 to 4 planes, a static object, a ship, an artillery gun, a group of moving vehicles etc. )
2 – The “Start-Up“ Trigger allows to activate an object (in its global meaning) already included in the mission, provided it is mobile (able to roll, navigate or fly). In the case of the “Rockets” objects (V1, V2 etc.), this trigger allows to fire them.
3 – The “Apparition Related to Altitude” Trigger uses the same principle as the “Apparition” Trigger, along with the possibility to insert an altitude variation (positive or negative) compared to the Trigger-activating plane altitude.
4 – The “Message” Trigger allows to display on-screen messages during flight, without associating it to other actions.

Find a detailed documentation how to use Triggers as pdf inside your BATDOCS folder.

*Please note: This addition is interwoven with the current BAT Engine Mod. Adding any other Engine Mod version on top will possibly break the Trigger functions!  Maybe future Engine Mod versions by western will support this code.

NG HUD & NG Map integrated into B.A.T.

Two of the best additional enhancement mods by Whistler are now fully integrated and part of default B.A.T.

all about these mods, all the settings, options and enhancements can be found in Whistler's detailed descriptions:

Next Generation MAP (NG-MAP) Mod

Next Generation HUD (NG-HUD) Mod

... but I am sure you have been using them for a long time already anyway :)

The NG-CAM "Ordnance View" feature.

Just set a control key:

... and watch the KABOOM!

NVIDIA ScreenMode Mod
A mod by SAS~Storebror which can speed up loading times for certain Graphic cards connected via displayport to one or more monitors.

BAT 4.1.2 content

v4.3 Fire & Smoke by DESPEREAUX

Exciting new flames and smoke trails.

common objects:

Lighthouses by western

This great mod is a bit older but in my opinion undervalued. It comes in a variety of twin or single beam at various rotation speeds and with or without a visible lighthouse object. Find it under animated objects. A great way to populate  your coastal landscapes and makes great navigational landmarks.

5 new merchant ships, imported by Dimon, for all eras:


- Truk44 update (by Lonestar67)
- Green Hell - New Guinea  (by Tokyo Rose)
- Central of Honshu 2017(Keihanshin megalopolis) (by Ju87R)
- Netherlands 1940 (updated Alpha) (by Michael Boonstra)

- BattleOfMoscow map damaged buildings fix (by Whistler)

World at War:


Fairey Firefly Family update

Five new and upgraded models of the Fairey Firefly are integrated into BAT WAW, assembled by Knochenlutscher, along with a variety of specific new loadouts. The two older models are still available but moved to the "Old Hangar".

Firefly MKI / Firefly MKIlate / Firefly FRI / Firefly NF2 / Firefly NF1

Dimon Vertex - Original High-Poly Mod
SAS_Epervier - lighweight conversion, Java Code, Fixes...
Birdman - 3-D Fix
CWatson - Adaption, Cockpitview Fix, Wing Folding Fix, Droptank Fixes...
Mission Bug - 3-D Consultant, Fixes
SAS_Storebror - P-47 Jugs Reloaded Pack (90 gal Tank parts)
Barnesey - Hurricane Mk.IIB/Trop (45 gal Tank parts)
Barnesey - APS-4 Radar Pod
Sas_Storebror, Ranwers - Barracuda Radar Pit
Vasya/Aviaskins - entirely new FM
SAS_Griffon - Beta Testing, Help, Guidance

Me 309 & Me 509

Me 155B

Achtung! Three new Messerschmitt Luft46 planes join the IL-2 skies

101tfs - 3D importation
Gumpy - Skin corrections
CWatson - Slot and flightmode

Lippisch P.13a
Yes, that is the coal-gas fueled Ramjet fighter project! 
Rocket power on take-off, above 300km/h the ramjet will start to operate.

101tfs - 3D importation
slot, java, FM: vampire_pilot
static: vampire_pilot

Piaggio 108B
Italy's attempt at a big 4-engine bomber type.

  Original 3d model creators - [Not disclosed]
  Basic importation - Dimon Vertex
  Original Java code and FM creators - [Not disclosed]
  reduce poly, LODs and Shadows - IES & Epervier
  Fixes Java code - IES & Epervier
  Skins - Stanislao - Cafs

P-51H variant
The "Highspeed" Mustang was finished too late for the war but maybe it can help to stop the Luft46 inventions?
*note: Skins are not interchangeable to other P-51!

3d model import: 101tfs
Quick slot: crazyflak
Engine flame/smoke hooks adjusted by crazyflak
HVAR & HVAR pylons adjusted by crazyflak to match photos.
Hydraulics code: F22-raptor & storebror
Gear damage code: Wolfigther

Lockheed Electra 10 E Explorer type in its own slot slot. (TGA and WAW)
Reduced windows by Mission_bug, skin by me. The plane Amelia Earhart used.

Bell (X)FL-1 Airabonita

The Bell XFL Airabonita was an experimental carrier-based interceptor. Although based on the P-39, the XFL-1 utilized a conventional tail-wheel undercarriage.
It made its first flight in 1940 and lost the competition to the Vought XF4U-1 Corsair.
by Zflyer48

Breguet 521 Bizerte

LeO H470

Two more awesome French flying boats from Dreamk!

Hughes H-4 Hercules

The ultimate seaplane. You can park a B-29 under each wing. It came much too late for any use, but what if....
I took the original imported mod by Lone Wolf and finished it with a new FM, updated the water clip system, engine hooks and a small cockpit upgrade. Damage model has shortcomings but now "the damn thing actually does fly...!"

FS 2004 model by Dennis Simanaitis
Importing into IL-2 1946 by Lone Wolf
Skin by Lone Wolf
3d hook corrections, cockpit update on instruments and graphics by vampire pilot
loadout java code by SAS~Storebror, vampire_pilot
FM by vampire_pilot

various updates and fixes

IK-3 full update
Credits :
- 3d model, import, skin, FM, coding  : - Turelio & Zimbower [Daidalos Team (4.11)]
- new cockpit by [Daidalos Team (4.13)]
- conversion 4.09 & SSP : Epervier
- fixes by WxTech (Jan 2, 2020)

- Martin Mars cockpit fix
- Fi-167 update to latest version (vampire_pilot)
- Stock A6M fuselage numbers removed when markings ON
- Bf 109T1 FM modifications (better landing control, less tendency to nose over)
- Bf 109T propeller hub correction (closed E7 type)


- Fokker G1 clip out fix
- La-7 aimview improvement
- La-7R back to stock, as new 3d had several inconsistencies in that variant.
- Electra cockpit updates (BisonM)
- Lockheed Hudson cockpit update (BisonM)


- Bismarck, Tirpitz and Hipper-Class (Prinz Eugen) updates
- IJN Ryuho CVL deck fix
- LVT-2 WAT and DUKW_WAT ship versions repaired
- Ships display names standardized and rearranged

Other era modules new content      -    only accessible if you previously installed v4.1 Blue Edge and the updates :


RAF B.E.2c family damage upgrade
I finally found a clue in java to make this plane damageable. No more indestructible Fokker opponent.

Lohner L / Macchi L.1 
- New Instrument graphics with higher resolution
- New Flightmodel, complete rebuild (no more nose over, less outlandish performance envelope)
    * note: The AI does not like to form up as wingman. There's a 50/50 chance the AI wingman will end up doing endless barrel rolls. It is
                advisable only use individual planes in individual flights
                It is an effect that can be observed with other WW1 FMs as well - Low power, high lift.

Macchi/Hansa flying boats now have a working clock and slight cockpit java fix

Phönix D.I improved "aimview"

Removed a couple of flags from ships to make them be used "generically"


Gloster Gauntlet Mk1 & Mk.2


Lockheed Electra 10 E Explorer type in its own slot slot. (TGA and WAW)


P-51H variant
(as per WAW)

C-135 - Boeing 707 family update and extension (BisonM)

IA 58 Pucará
The Pucara is an Argintine COIN aircraft, which gained some fame in the Falklands/Malvinas War. Thanks to Team TOAS for getting this into BAT!

vudu_1, E27-RAPTOR, SAS~Storebror

- PBY-5 fix
- F-106 exhaust fix (based on koty's fix)
- An-24 update (by western)
- AIM7 fix (by SAS~Storebor)

VC-10C/K as new separate slot!

For all your RAF transportation needs. I also fixed a small java bug that caused FMB to crash when trying to skin IL-62 or VC-10.

VC-10 / IL-62 new cockpit (BisonM)

I made a new two-seat cockpit for the Vampire T and Sea Venoms!

No more single seat pit for the two-seaters. It's based on a Mosquito pit, so it stays in the DeHavilland family.

- Canberra B cockpit ambient lighting hack via "Navlight function". Nocturnal missions are flyable now!
- Martin Mars cockpit fix


new M1 Abrams + M3 Bradley by erafitti

New order:

There is no "perfect" way to structure the modern age aircraft sections, but this needed at least some restructuring after some time. I tried to keep changes to a minimum, and I hope you will find it as convenient as I do to find the aircraft you are looking for.

   - western combat role jet aircraft, bombers and fighters and multirole

   - eastern block combat role jet aircraft, bombers and fighters and multirole

   - mixed bag of trainers, COIN and multirole single engine prop aircraft

   - western multi engine combat prop aircraft

   - multi engine combat prop aircraft of the eastern block

   - western made transports and recons, jets and props mixed.

   - I think you get it by now ;)

   - planes that can perform refuel

  - player helicopters

  - AI-only helicopters


  - Oddballs, racers and airshow planes

  - old Frankenplane slots that have been superseded by newer models

BAT 4.1.3 Update

A smaller update only in file size as it brings you two of the biggest machines yet to fly in the Il-2 skies: the B-36 Peacemaker and the Avro Vulcan heavy bombers! 

Many updates, fixes and enhancements are constantly enhancing the package. Mace's latest Beartrap pacakge contains several new interesting gameplay features.
And let me particularly point out the great variety of WxTechs awesome cockpit update mods. The place where we spend our free time gets better and better.


BAT Engine Mod fixes

-Engine Mod Motor.class fix
-LandAux fix
(by SAS~Storebror)

BAT_NG-HUD_v3.6.1 update

Another update by Whistler:
Most notable feature for most people will be the shift of the yellow C&C Ground Control messages to the lower bottom of the screen!

BAT 4.1.3 content
common objects:

by max_thehitman

No idea why they were missing so long.

Carsmaster Grass v1.0 + Treatment

A set of amazing new objects to make grassy surfaces on your airfield, for avid mission builders!
Chose wisely as it can have effect on the FPS on the ground.

by Carsmaster


-Reno Nevada - update, including Fallon airbase (Tom)

-BB_North_Vietnam_51st  - different (original?) layout with slightly different airfields and SA-sites, with VPMedia texturing
 comes in additional slot, chose your poison.

-North Vietnam redux (rework WIP beta) by Geschirrspülmaschine19

This map, although not yet completely finished, is already a most amazing upgrade for this big map. It therefore replaces the old one and will be updated along the way.

World at War:


Consolidated-Vultee B-36

I thought, adding the big bad stick to the Allied "46" lineup might be fun. It comes with a USAAF skin.
Find the full deal in JTW!

various updates and fixes
- Me-264 update (SAS~Storebror)
- Hs-126 full make-over and update (by mission_bug, DreamK)
- Fairey Albacore new FM (Vasya)
- CANT Z.1007 Early update to IES 3.1 model with skinnable tail, retaining the BAT slot
- B-29B made flyable
- Spitfire XIVC loadout fix

- CW21 sight update (by WxTech)
- P-40 early cockpit updates (by WxTech)
- Spitfire cockpit update (by ssn637)
- A6M2 cockpit update (by WxTech)

Other era modules new content      -    only accessible if you previously installed v4.1 Blue Edge and the updates :


Farman MF11 Hydro

My own modification: taking gio963tto's Farman 11 and added a pair of swimmers and a new FM, et voila.

-Zeppelins Auto Helmsman update

You can now order the helmsman to keep altitude or keep a heading by using misc #1 and #2 keys.
The automatic heading is very helpful to manage long climbs and long patrols.

Zeppelins also have slightly altered ground position, which makes "take-off" situations possible without crashing a propeller.

These modifications are available in all modules that hold Zeppelins.


- DH-68 Express integration, was previously only in WAW
- HP-42/45 new FM + cockpit update
- Hs-126 full make-over and update (by mission_bug, DreamK)


Here it is. Magnesium Overcast.

Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Find a detailed manual in BATDOCS: "B36 Mod Manual.pdf"

Along come a few trial missions (Missions: Single (The Jet Age) -> US -> B-36)
  - Atomic Test "Ivy King"
  - Recon over Kamchatka
  - Snarkattack - War Games

The B-36 "Peacemaker" is a strategic bomber built by Convair (Consolidated and Vultee) and operated by the USAF from 1949 to 1959. The B-36 is the largest mass-produced piston-engined aircraft ever built. It had the longest wingspan of any combat aircraft ever built, at 230 ft (70.1 m). The B-36 was the first bomber capable of delivering any of the nuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal from inside its four bomb bays without aircraft modifications. With a range of 10,000 mi (16,000 km) and a maximum payload of 87,200 lb (39,600 kg), the B-36 was capable of intercontinental flight without refueling. Initially built with six R-4360-41 Wasp Major 3.500hp engines in pusher configuration, it soon became apparent that additional jet power would significantly increase performance. This led to the mounting of four J47 jet engines in double pods outside the main engines from the D version onwards. Earlier B series aircraft were soon retrofitted. The F version introduced a souped-up version of the Wasp Major, R-4360-53 with 3.800hp. Retrofit and change of equipment became an almost yearly routine throughout the ten-year service life of the B-36. While at first, it sported sixteen 20mm guns in eight turrets (some retractable), this now outdated defensive armament was removed in 1954/55 with Project Featherweight, leaving only a radar-controlled tail turret. Its greatest achievement however was, never to be used in combat. A job well done.

This Mod contains:
6 Bomber versions
Convair B-36B Peacemaker, 1948
Convair B-36D Peacemaker, 1951
Convair B-36F Peacemaker, 1951
Convair B-36F-III Peacemaker, 1955
Convair B-36D-III Peacemaker, 1955
Convair B-36H-III Peacemaker, 1955

3 Recon versions
Convair RB-36F, 1951
Convair RB-36F-III, 1955
Convair RB-36H-III, 1955

Mod Credits:
3d: gio963tto
java and animations: SAS~Storebror
FM: vampire_pilot, SAS~Storebror
cockpit: BisonM, vampire_pilot, SAS~Storebror
loadouts: DreamK, vampire_pilot
skins: vampire_pilot

Avro Vulcan B.2

Patch 210520

All info about the mod is in the perfect guide made by mace.
Find a detailed manual in BATDOCS: "Vulcan B.2 Guide.pdf"

Along come mace's great trial missions (Missions: Single (The Jet Age) -> GB -> Vulcan_B2)


mace -  ordnance 3D, classes, loadouts, fm and many others improvements
Ranwers - 3d plane & pit

Mirage 2000
- 1C: Maddox Games: IL-2
Mirage III pack:
- Tango: Original 3d of IAI-Dagger
- Ranwers: Original 3d of Mirage III, Cockpit and conversion of Dagger into IAI Kfir C2
- Edlor: 3d modifications in IAI Nesher/Dagger
- mm: Skins
- Max: Skins
- Dreamk: Weapons
- Western: Weapons
- Benitomuso: FM debug tools
- Vega: fm and Java
- SAS~S3 - nose gears for F4
- Ton - Suphook for L-139N
Mirage 2000:
- SAS~vampire_pilot: skin as default:
- snd-73: Slot and classes
- Bison_M: a little bit of 3D plane (hier.him)

B-45 updates and family expansion:
B-45A, B-45C, RB-45C in their own slots!

The good old "JetBomber" gets company by some of BisonM's 3d variations in their own slot. But with a twist: I modified the cockpits to appear more bomber-like and cleaned of fighter material, updated the FM with corrected engine data and modified the skin graphics (It is a "Franklenplane", it is not completely skinnable by regular means!) 

Beartrap 210205 update by mace

Find a detailed manual in BATDOCS: "Project Beartrap Guide.pdf"

Along come mace's great trial missions (Missions: Single (The Jet Age) -> UN -> mace-xxxxx)


other updates and fixes:
- P-51H cockpit fix
- flares and chaffs for B-52D and F, as they were carried over Vietnam (SaS~JackS, SAS~vampire_pilot)
- Bird Dog Float fix (SAS~Monty)


new model tanks & vehicles by erafitti

VBL France Véhicule Blindé Léger

MoWVse with elements made by erafitti

Thanks to everyone involved! Mostly Whistler, SAS~Storebror, and every modder whose work is in this pack!



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  • BAT 4.2 Flashpoint & WAW
Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2021, 03:54:40 AM »

Wow, another unexpected suprise! One quastioen though; I'm on 4.1.3, do I need to install this 4.2? Anyway thanks for amother improvement on updating at least.


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2021, 03:56:40 AM »

Thank you for this new update !

Just have a question : as there is a new way to group class files... does the installer delete the previous and pre-existing #DOF, #TGA, #WAW and #JTW folders before installing the new content ???


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #5 on: September 28, 2021, 04:25:18 AM »

Wow, another unexpected suprise! One quastioen though; I'm on 4.1.3, do I need to install this 4.2? Anyway thanks for amother improvement on updating at least.

Strange question, yes you do :)

Just have a question : as there is a new way to group class files... does the installer delete the previous and pre-existing #DOF, #TGA, #WAW and #JTW folders before installing the new content ???

Yes, it is written in red up there in the install instruction even ;)

Alfie Noakes

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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2021, 04:33:31 AM »

Genius....absolute Genius  :o

I've just got rained off work so I know what I'll be doing in the foreseeable future..   :)) :)) :))

Once again many thanks to you all for your unstinting work  :-*


Everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #7 on: September 28, 2021, 04:48:37 AM »

Downloaded, installed, tested TGA and WAW, all seems to be fine. Another huge collective endeavour comes to our basket! Many thanks to all involved (that is, the three well-known figures!) 8)


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #8 on: September 28, 2021, 04:57:48 AM »

Downloaded and installed on Blue Edge 4.13 and Red Core 4.12. When trying the modules of Blue Edge I notice the piston planes start in air with engines off but jets don't. This doesn't happen on Red Core. Have I missed something ? Just tried an Me262 on waw, engine off air start.
Thanks to all for the update by the way.
Update, uninstalled, 're-installed over Blue Edge 4.12 all working, don't know what I screwed the first time but all hunkey dory now.
Again thanks to all involved for the update


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #9 on: September 28, 2021, 05:00:54 AM »

I get this Windows Defender message every time I try to DL, just thought I ought to make you aware as I do feel a little uncomfortable with it


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #10 on: September 28, 2021, 05:04:17 AM »

Is any torrent yet.
My Greatest and Best Regards KT503


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Re: B.A.T. v4.2 "FLASHPOINT" - the new update
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2021, 05:12:02 AM »

I get this Windows Defender message every time I try to DL, just thought I ought to make you aware as I do feel a little uncomfortable with it

It's a false positive.
Here's the virus report for the installer: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a8ef19d95c62bc93ee7da67357bbe8c495e2e1c8700bc42a860539cb0a90b548
The file is safe. It's only Microsoft's Defender and one more oddball who get triggered, and false positives unfortunately are quite a common thing for NSIS installers (see https://nsis.sourceforge.io/NSIS_False_Positives).

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