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Author Topic: CR-32  (Read 86770 times)

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Re: CR-32
« Reply #192 on: July 22, 2013, 12:01:14 PM »

Hiiii All….

I write in this forum, for the moders of the Fiat CR-32 “Chirri”.

In the original manual of this aircraft, I see two bugs compared with the aircraft in Ultrapack/Ultraspain mod:

•   First:  The correct anmunition load for 7,7 is 750 rounds per gun.
•   Second:  The real aircraft can armed two 7,7 or two 12,70. In sims only 7,7 is load. That’s  very important in doghfight with I-15 and I-16, in Spanish Civil War (UltraSpain).

And one cuestion: in Ultrapack/Ultraspain mod,  I can load bombs, and bomblets in arming screen but in game has no effect,  I don’t see it (under plane wings), I cant launch it??

Thanks for you Help, Regards from Spainnn ;-)))

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