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Author Topic: : IL-2 Enhanced  (Read 237 times)

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: IL-2 Enhanced
« on: September 01, 2021, 03:57:55 PM »

IL-2 Enhanced Modpack for Online and Offline Play

This modpack has been created to address a number of the current shortcomings in IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles, particularly with the damage and ballistics modeling, but also navigation lights and tracers which can be seen from miles away even in broad daylight. This modpack is in essence a tested collection of many individual mods made by community members with small additional tweaks of my own in some cases. It has been created with the idea for an invitation only multiplayer server in view, but works even better offline.
This release is a work-in-progress and is a proof-of-concept. We are looking for feedback and are also happy to tweak the modpack as a result of your input.

This modpack includes the following:

Weapons and Ballistics
-Weapons and Tracers Mod by QB Rails
-AP Fix by ACG_Cass
-Multicolored Tracers and Less Tracer Smoke by rieper_420
-Realistic Dispersion by ACG_Cass
-Blind Gunners v1.1 by rieper_420
-Blind Ship AAA v1.1 by rieper_420

-Realistic Clouds VR 2 Grey Sky Version (or Version 15 Grey Sky in the flat screen version of the pack) by rowdyb00t
-Sun Size Correction by LizLemon
-4k Trees by VaSok and drewm3i (added them to all maps)
-Proper winter trees for winter maps by STOIKY and drewm3i (added them to all winter maps)
-Effects by meplanes1969
-Muddy rivers for all autumn and spring maps (except Stalingrad) by drewm3i
-Short Grass and Field Crops Final version (high resolution short grass with flowers version for the high end vr and pc package, but low resolution version for the more performance oriented pack) by Off_Winters
-Historically Accurate Skins 4K by milktoast
-Damage Decal Improvements by Oyster_KAI
-Adjusted Navigation Lights Mod by G_Gart
-Longer Smoke and Vapor Trails by LizLemon

-Rheinland Spring Enhanced by JamieDodger
-Rheinland Texture Mod by PicksKing
-Skin pack for all airfields buildings, 1944 - 1945 by MarcoPegase44
-Skins camonet and concrete for NW europe airfields by MarcoPegase44
-MPG Factory; New skins for landing gear to Bf109G14 & Bf109K4 by MarcoPegase44
-Kuban Texture Mod v1.1 by PicksKing
-Stalingrad Tex Mod (and Autumn version) by JamieDodger
-Moscow Autumn retexture by MayBug

VR Performance
-VREM 5.2 VR Enhancer by c6_lefuneste
-FSR upscaling mod with optimized presets included by drewm3i
-Fholger Universal VR Shader Mod added to modpack by drewm3i
-Ditherfix by LizLemon

-Camoflauge of the Wehrmacht by DetCord12B
-Correct Awards by CountZero
-Many objects for the desolate Rheinland and Arras maps made by Hamaha15 for mission builders including the Autobahn
-Template files for more populated Arras and Rheinland maps for mission builders by Hamaha15 included
-Stoopy's Interactive Playground Missions for Each WW2 Map


Update 9/1/21:

This modpack is now going to be offered in one modular version going forward with various options included as jsgme add-ons. I have uploaded a new version of the pack with additional mods and bugfixes, including the navlights which were brought to my attention by @curiouslysophie. The rendering issue with the trees on winter maps still remains for now until one of us can get with @rowdyb00tto remedy this.


It has come to my attention that reshade fails to deactivate from the pack when using jsgme. If you wish to remove it from the pack/game for online play on servers that do not allow it like FVP or CB, simply delete the following folders and files from bin/game:


I have also had to delete d3dx.dll, d3d11.dll, and d3d11.log as well to get my game to work after using the mod. I will say that you can technically just delete the entire contents of the bin/game folder with the exception of the game and launcher executables (.exe) because the launcher client will simply re-download them from the main IL-2 server.

For now, Fholger's Universal VR shader will remain included in the pack because it greatly improves clarity and reduces ghosting in VR. While the vr enhancements are included in the pack by default, they can be disabled for flatscreen users by simply deleting the contents of the bin/game folder within IL-2 Enhanced before activation via jsgme. The bin/game folder in the pack is where the universal vr shader, fsr, and vrem are located (as well as LizLemon's moon shader fix).


-.2 IL-2 Enhanced: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3jvmwf1rvmmgztc/IL-2_Enhanced.rar/file

-.1 VR version for high end pcs: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pruttpkksx3n5hz/IL-2_Enhanced_VR_For_High_End_Machines.zip/file

-.1 Performant VR version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6pokvs9iq7ws34i/IL-2_Enhanced_VR_Performant_Version.zip/file

-.1 Flatscreen Version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ttcoeqpysfax3el/IL-2_Enhanced_For_Midrange_to_High_End_Machines.zip/file


1. Download and install jsgme to create "MODS" folder.
2. Download files, extract, and place in mods folder.
3. Run jsgme and activate modpack into game.


This release is as has been said, a work-in-progress and will hopefully be refined, added to, and improved upon by fellow community members. I'm sure there will be patches to follow and other members begin using and testing this pack rigorously.



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