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Author Topic: the B-29 SilverPlate and B-29B 3d improvement thread...  (Read 1298 times)

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the B-29 SilverPlate and B-29B 3d improvement thread...
« on: July 31, 2021, 10:18:20 AM »

hi guys!

what started as a quick home improvement try to get better looking B-29 SilverPlate and B-29B aircraft, has grown into a little bit more now;

state of the art as is right now:

using Birdmans fixes, available here at SAS:

on the plus side I got both, the SP and the B model running with better looking engines and wheels;
on the down side, both models sit a little tailheavy on the ground - there is a slight gap between the nosewheels and the ground;
and I could not get his better modelled cockpit section working, as if I use it, the base of the forward top and bottom turrets still show up;
the problem lies somewhere in the CF_D0.msh; if I leave that out but use the Cockpit_D0.msh, the cockpit windows look like they are open, failing to properly align with the rest of the fuselage;
leaving both, the CF_D0 and Cockpit_D0 meshes out, gives a smaller cockpit section and a slightly odd looking nosewheel bay... no show stopper but the better modelled cockpit section would be the better choice;

I went one further though and tried the nice looking fix from another site and worked that one over:

on the plus side, model looks beautiful and sits correctly on the ground;
on the downside, as it is an A model upgrade only, the base of the front and rear turrets show up again, a big show stopper;

so right now, i am stuck as I do not know hot to get rid of these turret bases in either fix; what I got already looks way better than stock though with its ugly engines and blocky wheels...

if anyone wants to help, feel free to post here;
otherwise I might release my "fix" maybe tomorrow....


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Re: the B-29 SilverPlate and B-29B 3d improvement thread...
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2021, 09:24:04 AM »

Another bug in B-29s' cockipits is a weird needle behaviour on the ILS glideslope indicator. I figured out what's wrong with Java code, more or less, but it seems like the rotation axis of the needle object is displaced and it rotates around a wrong point. Unfortunately I have no experience with 3d for il2 and don't know where to get B-29's 3d models.
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