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Author Topic: Editing maps in IL2 mod, La Grand Cirque  (Read 632 times)

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Editing maps in IL2 mod, La Grand Cirque
« on: March 09, 2021, 11:38:05 AM »

When I was younger, many years ago, I used to modify maps in my vanilla version of IL2 1946 by following Boomers map editing guide. Simple question, can I modify the maps in the updated BAT version, The Grand Cirque? I lke to run historical missions but few maps contain the Bomber Command and USAAF air bases needed, so I just want to add them. With Computers becoming faster and having bigger memories will the the old maps suffer from adding content?
         I can add runway and taxiway plates plus buildings with the 'Objects' files, but I need to add Airfield Runway and take-off points and taxi points otherwise my AI squadron pilots land all over the place.
        Also, are the maps stored in code? because I don't see any maps when I scan the files. Its a shame it can't be all done in the in game mission editor, that woulld save an awful lot of trouble. If thats a daft observation it just shows my lack of programming knowledge. Until then my squadrons will just have to take off from the nearest airfield I can find, but since few of the bombers have a realistic range, few of them will make it back anyway!!!

Thanks for induging me by reading this.
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Re: Editing maps in IL2 mod, La Grand Cirque
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2021, 03:01:27 PM »

You can still do it, but it gets a bit convoluted. To amend a map in BAT you need access to the load.ini. So you need to install the map from its original source as if you are installing a new map. IIRC, you only need the load.ini in the installation, as the other files are already there in the code.

You can then use the modified build.cfg to edit the map as you have obviously done before. You then copy the new load.ini and actors.static into the map folder you have 'installed'. Obviously back up first. Additionally, each instance of a map technically appears three times, one for each BAT era. So if you want your amended map in more than one era you need to repeat the process for #DOF3/#TGA3 etc.

Updated information: No need to install a map - if you activate the DEFSkies folder(s) in jgsme that generates folders for each map in BAT containing the load.ini. You can then use the build.cfg to edit.
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