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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory ET: Legacy Version 2.77 released

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Hi guys,

It's been a while, but the ET: Legacy dev team has released another update this week:

To celebrate the event, our ET: Legacy Server has been updated and reactivated.
You can find it in the Server List with the name "SAS1946&FAC ETL Test".
If you have trouble finding the server in the list, use "SAS" for filter:


Already following them on Discord, seen their updates and things changing.

If y'all want I'll deffo update and hop in but it's only fun with the more of us there.

I'll try not to snipe.


Oh, I'll definitely have a go at this one again once I find the time to!


With the exception of being in trenches, this is anywhere, everywhere from both teams (enemy and your own side lmao) on the server. :))

I've been playing on the server two hours ago, noticed a quite interesting change in 2.77... but that's to be discussed on TS when we meet next time 8)



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