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Author Topic: Guidelines for Posting in this REQUEST section 2021-02-09  (Read 772 times)

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Guidelines for Posting in this REQUEST section 2021-02-09
« on: February 09, 2021, 11:56:44 AM »

Hi Peeps

This section has been long overdue for a revision on how it is handled. So I am going to start this post with some new guidelines which replace the old ones (which I will remove as well), and a short explanation as to the why of it.

This section has run a course as a place where modders came to get ideas and info. There are unfortunately fewer modders around every year, and even fewer who can realize bigger or more intricate projects. Interestingly, this section remains popular. This despite some of our best efforts lol :)

That is because we are all still enthusiastic about this game, and it's subjects. The planes, the bullets, the bombs, the stuff! This section has also, rather sadly, become a kind of a newbie trap, where over zealous people get to stomp all over requests that are perhaps a bit over the top, or not structured in exactly the correct way, or just outside of another's taste. This will now end. Trampling on the enthusiasm of another IL2 lover is, quite frankly, a bit unforgivable.

A lot of topics (or attempted topics) here are less serious as actual requests, and more just people sharing and writing our their favorite IL2 fantasy. Or wishlist if you will. And thus I think it is time we relaxed the rules here and let people do that.

There are still some guidelines though. Here they are:

1) The more gooder and betterder info your request has, the more likely it will be to be taken up. Also, the more interesting it will be for others to participate in. We like facts and figures, but we also like to know why you are making the request, and what is so interesting about it for you? We also like pictures of course :) So if your request is a little half baked and poorly put forward, bully for you.

2) Do not bump or repeat your request. Post it, and if it is cool or interesting, people will discuss it. If not, then it is perhaps not as cool as you think. Just move on.

3) Try your best not to duplicate requests. Do a search of this forum to see if your idea or plane has already been requested. If it has, feel free to go add to that topic. If you miss that and make a duplicate, we might merge your topic with the previous one.

4) Try not to post a request for something that is already in development or already in the game. Go search the WIP section and mod sections as part of your research. If you miss something there, and post such a request, you may look a bit silly.

5) If a member finds a request that IS a duplicate of a previous request, or a mod already in WIP or the game, just kindly post it in the new request topic together with a link to the previous request or WIP or Mod. This will help moderators to later do any merge or lock if needed.

6) Do not make requests here regarding features of existing mods. If you want a mod to be made compatible with another version of the game, or have another feature or bug fix, post it in that mod's download thread.

Other than that, and whatever else might occur from time to time and updated here, enjoy this section. I know it gets many visitors who just like to read about planes and things and will check it out regardless of the quality of the content, or the possibility of a mod being created.

We all do this from time to time. Because we like this stuff.


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