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Author Topic: 800 kg battleship-penetrating bombs for B5N2 Kate  (Read 405 times)

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800 kg battleship-penetrating bombs for B5N2 Kate
« on: January 12, 2021, 08:20:27 PM »

While looking for a nice mission of the Pearl Harbor attack, I checked the B5N2's loadouts and actually couldn't find one suitable for it. As far as I know all 49 horizontal bombers used that day were equipped with unique battleship-penetrating bombs weighing 800 kg each made of big cannon shells. There is a 600 kg bomb available that looks a bit as if it was made out of a shell, but even if it's the one, its weight doesn't match for sure. Are there any loadout (Japanese in particular) experts who could implement this bomb to BAT?


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Re: 800 kg battleship-penetrating bombs for B5N2 Kate
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2021, 10:17:02 PM »

Yes and no.
Yes for that a weapon slot exists, and no for it being the wrong casing for that type of Bomb.

This already exists 800kg JA, but only the Java is correct, the 3-D is wrong as I'm not mislead
the actual 800kg was a composite Bomb looking close to the AMT 600kg version we have, but much
larger and stronger. As they were converted from naval artillery pieces.

Here is the closely looking AMT Model, the actual 800kg 3-D is just the old stock model edited.

Best wishes
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