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Author Topic: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE  (Read 28518 times)

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B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« on: December 20, 2020, 05:27:44 AM »



BAT 4.1.1 Update

This is not just a patch, this is a veritable update, which brings you an tonandahalf of new content, along with a huge amount of fixes and improvements. I did a lot of work on cockpits for this. As some wise man once said, that's where we spend most of the time in this game after all.


You need to have a working BAT v.4.0 Red Core or BAT v4.1 Blue Edge

One update to rule them all....

BAT v.4.1.1 is one update package which will fit any install, be it v4.0 Red Core or v.4.1 Blue Edge.
Former BAT v4.0 users will not gain access to any other era than WAW  with this update. So if you thought about expanding to all eras with BAT v4.1, now - before installing this update - would be the ideal time  :)

(two parts, for size)


How do I install an update?

1. download the files into one folder
2. deactivate all JSGME Mods for safety
3. run the exe and extract into your BAT install
4. enjoy

note: A new set of .ini files will usually be delivered. So any changes you may have made yourself previously will get deleted.


- Tow Target & Message updates - mace
- WxTech's 40m square palm plantation block object
- BATv4 Carrier Ops Consolidation (dogfight / muliplayer fix by Whistler)

- "Radio Ga Ga"  mod by Whistler
Enables Radio stations and beacons even if Music is turned off in the game settings. It effectively separates in-game radio from the general menu music feature!


- Nordsee summer + winter fix - Waggel/Mandril
- Truk 44 - Lonestar67
- Taiwan Strait - CountZero

To improve usability on smaller screens, I have separated some long map lists:
* Eastern Europe and Russia * now comes on two parts and  * ASIA * and *PACIFIC * become two map sections. Asia is basically continental Asia, Japan, New Guinea... ; Pacific is the islands and everything else.

World at War:

planes, planes, planes....

- Hawker Fury P (Mercury engine)
Original Fury: Original 3d Model, Java Files, FM: Dreamk
3d Fury_P: ZFlyer48
slot, P FM and skin: vampire_pilot

- Piper Cub new cockpit and family pack

Originally posted by Edlor three years ago, this fantastic Cub pit was never finished and the Cubs had ongoing conflicts in BAT. I cleaned up the java, sorted the slots out and finished the cockpit with working instruments and some graphic touch ups. Now you have a cub with skis, one with floats and a tundra big wheel cub along the regular one.
I hope you enjoy it.
import: Edlor
Java: Edlor, vampire_pilot
cockpit: Edlor, vampire_pilot

- F8F-1 Bearcats
Four early Bearcats, including a nightfighter! Coming too late for WW2, you find them in the US 1946 section.
Barnesy- Radar pod, revised Canopy, Keel, Rudder and Pylon meshes
Blackstaff- Testing, hook adjustment
Gerd- Original F8F 3D and Mod
JAYPACK44- Default skin
Jack in the Box(?)- Skin internals added to default skin
Gump- Testing, revised cockpit textures, and skin alterations
Redfox- Drop tank
Storebror- Radar realization and implementation from the Me262 HG V
CWatson- Revised slots

- G.50bis N
One more fighter for the Italian carrier! The G.50 was the first Italian fighter considered for carrier use and prototypes with hooks were built.
3D model - 1C Maddox , Team Daidalos , Red_Fox90(G.50B), Birdman(G.50B), Wolfighter(Pilot)
Cockpit - 1C Maddox , Team Daidalos , Red_Fox90(G.50B)
3D fix - Barnesy , PA_Jeronimo , Birdman (Mod Wheels and Fix engines cowlings)
3D and FM Arrangement - Loku(G.50 Bomber) , western0221
Java programming - 1C Maddox , Team Daidalos, Loku , F-22-Raptor-2006 and western0221
Skin - Agracier(G.50B)
Aircraft data and photos - Jjuurraa and mcmmielli

- Koolhoven FK-58
Importing into IL-2, skins and slot by Lone Wolf
Base model by Loku and Ranwers with,
1C for code
Epervier for start pack
TT - cockpit
Rudi_Jaeger -based skin

- Fokker T.V bomber
import: Dimon
java: Beo and CWatson

The French Naval Aviation family by Dreamk!

Dreamk brought on a whole lineup of French flying boats, float planes and other French naval aircraft. Fly them along with the new French ships!

- Levasseur PL101
- Late 298, Late 611, Late290
- Loire 70, Loire 130

- Fw-190A1
This is a conglomerate of material from the several A-1 out there, eventually working in BAT as a stand alone slot.
3D: Claymore,Stefan,Stock
Classfiles: Stefan
Skin: Emil
BAT hacking: vampire_pilot

- Fi-167 reworked
This plane never had a convincing cockpit of any kind so I put something together for this pack, based on the Ar-196T cockpit (SAS~Sani), with some additions.

- Until now, the plane was indestructible. Now it has a (very crude but working) fuselage hitbox, it can be shot at and it takes damage!
- opening canopy from inside view
- working hook
- dedicated FM
- Bonus: more loadouts, including a torpedo, and a few basic skins.

The plane is intended for use on the "Graf Zeppelin" or "Peter Strasser" (AI needs catapult)

notes and unfixed issues:
- Wingfold is not animated but after spawning on a carrier, you have to "unfold" the wings.. It was the best trade-off solution at this point.
- the spawn pattern is overlapping noses and tails. It looks a bit silly but was the best I could do at this point.
- Take off works! The aircraft is at the low speed limit for catapults so it may feel like a "bug", but AI and player can take off safely with every loadout.
- due to some pull to one side, AI can't take off without catapult. Graf Zeppelin has cats so it should be fine.
- Do not pull up hard after takeoff, the aircraft likes a very neutral initial acceleration once it goes over the ramp.
- AI can't take off from carriers without catapult due to strong pull to one side
- AI can't take off on land due to strong pull to one side
- after landing, the AI can sometimes drift to one side and fall off the deck.
- damage box is fuselage only.

- J2M Raiden family update (droptanks and J2M5 Kai (30mm) added)
Source: Tainan Pack
merge: vampire_pilot

- Hawker Hart / Audax
Introduced the slot in WAW, it was previously only in TGA.
Credits :
- Dreamk, Birdman

- Bf-190L series updated (by FL2070)
- SB2C family: front pilot made skinnable by reverting to stock pilot model.

various updates and fixes

- F4U1D new default skin
- P-51D new PTO default skins
- P-51D-5 no US stars markings fix
- B-24 engine cowl update (by PA_Jeronimo and various others)
- B-26 engine cowl update (by Gumpy)
- Fw-187 multiplayer fix (Whistler)
- PBN turret fix (Knochenlutscher)


The cockpit is where we spend most of the time so a few more updates and nice looking repaints got introduced:

- Cockpit graphic update P39N & D - by WxTech
- Russian cockpit update with opening canopy (Mig 3, Lagg, La families) - by the people at Aviaskins
- Bf-110 family cockpit update (TD 4.13 stock)
- P-51D new cockpit textures (Barnesy12)
- opening canopies for P-51D-5 added

- PBY / PBN new cockpit
1C/TD Maddox
Charlie Chap HSFX 7

vampire_pilot's lil' fixes:

- Ar-196 cockpit unification and small update
- P-61 cockpit update (Northrop emblem, variometer fix)
- J9N Kikka cockpit update (position)
- A6M Zero family cockpit graphics unification (no more mix of old stock graphics and repaints!)

The Cockpit Clipping updates

Cockpit clipping happens when the invisibility bubble around the pilot in the cockpit interferes with the external plane 3d. You will then experience gaps in the wings when you move your head for example. This is a problem with many modded planes where cockpits were taken from other existing planes. With a certain java method, the size and shape of the invisibility bubble can be modified, so this interference can be reduced or even completely avoided.
It works not always to 100% satisfaction but a lot can be improved. Sometimes a slight modification of the cockpit 3do itself is also necessary.
I tinker as I go.

Here is a list of cockpits I modified in this package in regards to fixing clippings:

- Avro Anson (my "Patient Zero")
- Miles Magister
- L-5
- He-115
- Bf-108
- Hurricane family
- CR.32
- TBF Avenger family
- SB2C Helldiver family
- Hudson/Ventura/Harpoon family
- Boeing Stearman
- Fokker T.V
- AT-9 Jeep
- UC-78 Bobcat
- Electra 10
- Beechcraft 18

Thanks to Mike for pointing the function out to me in the first place, thanks to asura for explaining the values in more detail.

Vehicles and objects:

Axis vehicles package
by IES Team
- 88mm towed (from cadnav)
- Sd.Kfz.15 (Horch 901) by Butthe4d
- Csaba.39M by Butthe4d
- Mercedes L3000 by Butthe4d
Sd.Kfz.6 : stock game
88mm towed by a Sd.Kfz.6 !
+ Front and rear parts of the towed 88
Static objects added :
   - 88 shells
Various DIY : Epervier
Credits Fiat-666 Fuel Truck :
Gio963tto - initial Fiat-626
Dimon - modifications pour en faire un Fiat-666 tanker
stanislao - textures
IES Tean & Epervier - remorque et autres bricolages

I have looked over the stationary vehicles and sorted them a bit more conveniently into Allied, Axis and Civilian. I hope this makes sense for mission builders, so it gets easier to find suitable objects to populate your sceneries.


BAT shipsmaster cbradbury chose to bring you asheshouses new additions:

Le Fantasque

BB Bretagne

HMS Rodney

find a more detailed 4.1.1 ships document as pdf inside your BATDOCS!

- Tirpitz and Bismarck paint update (Videmo, DESPEREAUX)

Other era modules new content      -    only accessible if you previously installed v4.1 Blue Edge  :


- Pfalz D.III 3d detail fix (by Gumpy)

- Replacement of the Allies / Axis designations in the plane lists with the era-equivalent Entente and Central Powers

Cockpit fixes:

- Farman IV cockpit update (clip outs)
- Taube cockpit fix (not changing skins)
- Albatros D family (tail clip out fix)
- Fokker D VI  (tail clip out fix)

Pre-Dreadnought generic Battleship
Credits: Schleswig-Holstein modelling and class files: Asheshouse.
Pre-dreadnought model: Silent Hunter 5
Import, additional re-modelling and skin: Erafitti

Dry cargo and liquid carrier ships in dazzle camo and re-modelled smoke stacks (closer to
Great War period).
Credits: Ectoflyer.


- Hawker Fury P
(as per WAW)

- Vought V65 & V95S
Two more American made interwar battle planes from the never ending stable of Zflyer48
Zflyer48, Dreamk, dona

The Golden Age also gets a selection of Dreamk's great French navy planes!

- Levasseur PL7, PL10, PL15, PL101
- Late 290
- Loire 70, Loire 130

Fixes and updates:

I have given the whole Lockheed family cockpits a once over. I hope you like it.
- Lockheed Mail Express cockpit update
- Lockheed Sirius cockpit update
- Lockheed Vega cockpit update

+ all relevant cockpit updates as listed under WAW


- Piper Cub new cockpit and family pack
- F8-F Bearcats

- Tu-16 Tanker and the Chinese relatives.

put together by Sausageman and CWatson
based on Tu-16 by BT~wasted

- new Yak-9P model (by 101tfs)
This replaces the previous stand-in mod

- Yak-17 Feather update

Vehicles and Objects:

- M54 cargo truck (Hood , Open)
- M54 truck with Fuel Tank and Pump Unit
- M55 Extra Long Chassis truck (Hood , Empty)

3d model: western0221
2d texture: western0221 , max_theHitman
slot: western0221


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2020, 06:15:46 AM »


Andy H

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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2020, 06:28:00 AM »

It was a merry Christmas after all! Thanks very much. The work done by everyone involved is very much appreciated.  :)


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2020, 06:49:03 AM »

Wopeeeee! Ab Fab! Thanks for this, to all involved, and not least to you, Vamp!!!  ]wav[

D/L-ing now!  ]cheers[ 
My aim: to build campaigns for Mods! You can find them here: http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=search&sa=740


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2020, 06:56:09 AM »

Another great work.Many thanks to all involved.


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2020, 07:05:51 AM »

WELL DONE Just intime for a lockdown Christmas

PS  Some folders are empty is this correct (downloded twice to check)
other than that the download
Cheers edc1


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #6 on: December 20, 2020, 07:56:15 AM »


This is the extent of the new .INI file.  should there be more settings contained in this?

                                                    ;INI File: conf.ini

Looking forward to getting back into the game.  Thanks for the update!!



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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #7 on: December 20, 2020, 08:14:33 AM »

 Ahh! A million thanks! You are the best!  :D :D :trippy_dancing_banana: :trippy_dancing_banana: :trippy_dancing_banana:
Thank you Santa, and happy holidays to you!  :D


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #8 on: December 20, 2020, 08:23:11 AM »


This is the extent of the new .INI file.  should there be more settings contained in this?

                                                    ;INI File: conf.ini

I have no idea what you are talking about. There is no conf.ini in this package?


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #9 on: December 20, 2020, 08:25:49 AM »

Thank you all, again.


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #10 on: December 20, 2020, 08:31:00 AM »

Thank you very much for this commendable effort.

Merry Christmas to all.


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Re: B.A.T. v4.1.1 UPDATE
« Reply #11 on: December 20, 2020, 08:34:53 AM »

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