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How DGen and DCG manage units aircraft replacement?

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Hi mates!

I'm asking to more competent campaign makers how the two campaign engine manage the aircraft replacement after some of then went down....

In the specific this is related to my historically list of units for DOF as it involve also dirigibles....each of them is a specific I plan to add each of them to allow historically correct missions to be developed....
....what happen in a dynamic campaign?

IIRC the engine (this is almost similar for both) replace a plane if allowed by squadron replacement rates in DGen and from numerical consistency file in can be more correct add also a Generic dirigibles that the campaign generator can manage without specific unit/dirigibles association?

I hope to have been clear....

Not familiar with DCG.


I see no evidence that there are any attrition/replacement dynamics in play.
You could lose half a squadrons worth of a/c in one mission and the next mission you'll be back up to full strength.

In DCG you can set a number of replacements per unit per day.  Separate numbers for red and blue. Applies all squadrons.

Note that this is per day, not per mission.

You can also adjust supply rate in DCG.  A recent example from our current Iwo Jima...

I forgot to adjust the Axis supply rate from our previous Marianas campaign so it carried over to Iwo Jima at 10%.  As a result the Betty 'assignment' for our second mission was 1 bomber.  I have the Max/Min squadron numbers at 8 and 0.

I adjusted the Axis supply rate to 50% and in the next generated mission there were 4 Bettys.

In our previous Marianas campaign I had originally left the Axis supply rate at 100% which ensured that no matter how well we did against the Axis aircraft they were always up to full strength on the next mission.

Just an example which hopefully helps put things in perspective.  In short, I would recommend playing with the supply rate.

Thanks mates for your replies....I definitely left both options: each single for static missions/campaign and a generic for dynamic campaign to simulate a type utilization instead of a specific single machine....


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