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Author Topic: Instructions for fixing FMB crashes caused by (franken)planes  (Read 4724 times)

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Hi all!

If your mod plane crashes the FMB when you try to make missions or if you want to fix the existing FMB issues, then this is for you:

I think I found a rather easy FMB crach fixing method that I think should fix any FMB-craching plane (also the most complex frankenplanes):

1. Cause a FMB crash (for example place that plane at airfield for take-off, go flying with it and try to change the skin of that plane or view that plane in FMB after flight).
2. Press SHIFT+TAB in FMB after that crash to see the error message in console, it says which mesh has corrupted data and even the number of first corrupted vertice (or alternatively enable logging and look at the log file).
3. Go out of FMB and quit IL-2 (task manager is not needed here, you can try to use the menus with invisible mouse, or ALT+F to open File menu, then ALT+E to close FMB and ESC for that possible invisible saving question).
4. Open that corrupted mesh with text editor, and convert it to text format with Dr.Jones MshConverter, if necessary.
5. Replace all values between 0 and 3.960404E-11 with 3.960404E-11 (just a couple replace commands), and remember to fix the LOD values that are messed by the converter if you had to convert the mesh (after conversion the LOD values are the differences of original values, and the biggest value is missing).
6. Save that mesh, and it will look the same as before but won't cause FMB crash anymore.
Repeat that until FMB doesn't crash anymore after you have fixed all corrupted meshes.

I have tested this method by fixing Typhoon and early Bf-109.

You can also request FMB crash fixes in this thread, so that someone with enough time can fix the problematic planes.


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Re: Instructions for fixing FMB crashes caused by (franken)planes
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2014, 01:29:44 AM »

Is the crash described similar to the attached screen dump? (Screen dump may not appear, I'm getting conflicting messages!!! one says 'ADD IMAGE TO POST' other says ' SORRY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED etc,etc.' Still; life was never meant to be easy was it?)...........The top left corner suddenly appears in the body of the map and the cursor disappears.

I've been away from IL2 for a while, my laptop decided it wanted a life change and emulated the toaster, and my PC was not good enough to run IL2 until I rebuilt it recently.

I am interested in the 'Phoney War', so have downloaded the Whitley bomber, but although it runs ok as an AI 'plane, as soon as I try and designate it as a Player aircraft, this happens. My guess would be cockpit incompatibility with my version. I'm running 4.12, but same crash in UP3 or SASModact3. Can't get DBW running, but that's for another day and another forum.

Oh and SHIFT + TAB appears to do nothing. but as I say, I've been away for a while and not altogether up to speed with the mechanics of it yet.
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