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Author Topic: Setting Gunsight view - mainly for German planes  (Read 729 times)

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Setting Gunsight view - mainly for German planes
« on: September 01, 2020, 04:01:58 PM »

Hi All,

Just been treated to BoS and Bodenplatte for making it to another complete year on the mortal coil  :-|
Thanks for the heads up on the sale there guys

1. Could I ask if there is a guide or some help with setting the equivalent of "Gunsight View" in BoS / Grand Battles?

2. Are there file(s) like the '46 User\Settings that can be accessed?

In '46 I can have my X-55 set with a rotary for zoom - for general looking around and not smashing into the scenery, and then one of the stick PoV's for set view distances and also Gunsight  - which (IMHO) is a necessity for German planes with their offset sights.

I have read the tutorial about setting the basic and alternate views but I can't set the alternate view (which I have sort of set to Gunsight*) to be a toggle - I have to hold the assigned key to hold the view.
Bit of pain in the proverbial's.
* - Using the Insert/Home/Pg Up & Down is not very precise - I was hoping to edit a configuration file - like the '46 user settings.

Also the default view I have set up is having the head position as far back as possible - but if I look anywhere other than straight ahead it zooms in - only a bit - but still not how I would want it.

I'm using an X-55 and Saitek rudder pedals. No head tracking stuff yet - I wanted to get my shiny new toy working properly in it's most basic form. All other functions seem to be straightforward (I'm pretty basic so a basic setup suits me!).

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