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The 17 Percenters

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The 17 Percenters
By Von-Lars Productions

This campaign is a tribute to the brave crews of the Bristol Beaufort in the early years of World War II in the European theater of operations. You will begin the campaign in the Bristol Beaufort Mark 1,  the RAF's latest torpedo-bomber.  It is manoeuvrable, sturdy and a steady bombing platform. RAF Coastal Command used the Beaufort primarily as a torpedo-bomber, but also as a mine-layer and a low to medium level bomber.

The campaign begins in June 1940 and continues through the famous “Channel Dash” missions of February 1942. You will begin flying the Beaufort Mark 1 and transition to the Beaufort Mark 1 (late) and will fly a mix of torpedo and bombing attack missions.

Beaufort squadrons were the anti-shipping units most feared by the enemy. Within the RAF the crews were considered the elite of the elite.  Losses were heavy however. The chance of completing a tour of duty in the Bristol Beaufort was approximately 17%.

Due to the limitations of the programme the scenarios are of a semi-historical nature. We have tried to provide as variable a selection as possible for immersions sake. e.g. The aircraft types were all present in the area at the time of the mission but did not necessarily come into contact. For instance, in the Calais raid the actual seaplanes were He114s but they have not been modelled as yet so we substituted the He115s. With the Vpmodpack we will probably have to insert the Ar196s for that mission.

Download here:

About the Authors
This campaign was written and conceived by Lars (aka Larschance/Larsresult). Lars did the historical research, conceived of the overall concept, and wrote the briefings. Lars works from the Von-Lars corporate offices in southern England. Von (aka vonofterdingen) implemented Lars’ ideas in the IL-2 FMB. Von works in the Von-Lars Productions Southern California facility. Both Lars and Von are active at your local IL-2 websites.

Beaufort campaigns for Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters are in works at Von-Lars productions.

Installation and Compatibility
This version of The 17 Percenters is built and tested using the BAT Modpack v3.8.4 available the SAS website using the following link:
You will need no additional mods if you install this campaign on a working BAT install. A VP Modpack version is currently under consideration at Von-Lars Productions offices world-wide.

The installation zip file contains the 12-mission campaign, 3 training missions in your Single Mission directory, and aircraft skins used by the campaign. Unzip the file into a temporary directory. Copy the Missions and Paintschemes directories into your game root folder. You will have additions to the following folders in your game:
•   Missions\Campaign\GB\Beaufort
•   Missions\Single\GB\Beaufort
•   Paintschemes\Skins\BeaufortMk1Early
•   Paintschemes\Skins\BeaufortMk1Late
•   Paintschemes\Skins\HurricaneMk1

To start the campaign, select Pilot Career from the game main menu then RAF as your Air Force. You can play the campaign from whatever rank you choose.

To access the Training Missions, select Single Missions from the main menu, then choose RAF as your Air Force and Beaufort as the mission type.

For best immersion use the following skins for your Beauforts, with markings on:
•   Beaufort I RAF 42 Sq NoCodes II when flying in 42 Squadron
•   Beaufort I RAF 22 Sq NoPlaneCodes when flying as 22 Squadron

Beaufort Flying Notes
There is no fire extinguisher on the Beaufort so if you catch fire the best you can do is a) dive to try and put out the flames or b) climb to bail out or c) crash land before the plane collapses.
If you come under fighter attack press Comms (TAB) 8 for friendly help. If they close in then use combat flaps and cut the throttle to zero and side slip to avoid fire and make them overshoot. Dive to sea level to protect your belly or if you have time climb for any nearby clouds. If there is only one attacking aircraft, and it overshoots, don't forget to use your front gun. Circle if you can't get away to let your gunner do his job.

The missions vary in length from 20 to 80 minutes but of course you can cut the real time short with the accelerator keys. For the first attempt we recommend start as flight sergeant and follow your leader. The targets can be hard to spot in bad visibility so the AI can lead you in with their super eyesight. The targets normally give their position away by eventually firing at you! Quite unsporting of them.

Torpedo runs are difficult; it pays to practice with the training mission. Avoid climbing too fast after releasing your torpedo. The larger ship AA guns wait for you to gain altitude. Stay low until you are clear of the ships larger guns then begin your ascent.

Dropping torpedoes successfully requires specific altitude and speed parameters: approximately 131 feet drop altitude and 155 mph. In case you did not commit this readme to memory, use the Comms (TAB) and E (Technical) to have the game display optimal altitude and speed.

The staff here at Von-Lars Productions strongly recommends that you use the training missions in Single Missions to gain competence and confidence with torpedo and bombing attacks prior to starting off on your first mission. The Training Missions are in Single Missions so that you can revisit them any time.

We wish to thank the SAS team for their brilliant BAT modpack. Special thanks to Asheshouse for the new Kiregsmarine pack that includes Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.

We thank our friend Cafs for making the 22 Squadron and 42 Squadron Beaufort skins for this campaign. These were made to order and we are most grateful. Cafs’ skins were the original inspiration for the campaign.

The Polish RAF 303 Squadron skins are by Kroghul. Many thanks.
Thanks to the map-makers, without whom we could not achieve the appropriate level of realism.
•   Channel Map by CanonUK, with Thorney Hill airfield added by Von and based on Kurfurst templates.
•   Bay of Biscay by Agracier.
•   Stock Norway map with Peterhead airfield based on one made by DixieCapt.

The Readme contains recon photos to aid our pilots with their attacks.

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