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Author Topic: Junkers D.I and Caproni CA. 20 fighters (REQUEST)  (Read 446 times)

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Junkers D.I and Caproni CA. 20 fighters (REQUEST)
« on: July 11, 2020, 05:24:18 PM »

Junkers D. I
Late German imperial and Weimar Republic fighter who served mostly with the freikorps in the Baltic during the Russian Civil War, I think il2 1946 ww1 sections need this plane (especially for the Russian Civil War campaigns I m preparing for Bat dawn of flight), if someone will be I terested one day, here the sides.

And a pic

Caproni CA. 20 early fighter
Monoplane fighter a rifle shooting up the propeller arch, remained at the level of prototype since the Italian army wasn't interested in 1914 in that (he preferred the caproni 18 recce plane, very similar, and the Caproni trimotor bombers CA1 2 and 3.
For this last I haven't find a side table or a blueprint unfortunately.
I think this plane could be an interesting alternative to the early Moraine Saulnier and Fokker fighters for 1915 campaigns on the Italian front.

I hope to not have mistaken section for this thread. Thank you if someone one day will make it, unfortunately trough I make campaigns, sometime even skins, I m not good with 3d model programs, for that I asked here.
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