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Summer Release Date for CoD Tobruk

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Looks reasonably good

Yes, looks promising.
The feedback of the community less so.
Sometimes I feel ashamed being part of a community of demanding assholes like that...


Yep, I agree on both points. Some of the comments in the BoX forum are completely unnecessary. I wonder whether the posters read them the next day and feel embarrassed?

Damn it, it's like X-Mas for me, like the past 8 Years Skinning the Western Desert paid out that I get them in ClOD.
Freak me out, this is cool, I don't care about VR, Oleg or the Soapopera Community habbits.
We went through tougher times, let them cry babies.

This is it, would sell a few of my shattered rips for this. Team Fusion has some talented Staff out there.

This is utterly cool...  ]cheers[

That looks fantastic.  I think it looks to be well worth it.


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