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Author Topic: Visual glitches in MiG-21 loadout  (Read 346 times)

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Visual glitches in MiG-21 loadout
« on: May 30, 2020, 01:08:17 PM »

I'm revising the loadouts of soviet planes, and I've found some visual glitches in MiGs-21.

I've begun with MiG-21 FL Fishbed-D. In this version the only problem is the ventral pylon when bombs and a droptank are selected.
This is a summary of my results. I include if ventral pylon (where the droptank should be attached) is visible or not; if droptank is present or not, and a 'visual judgment' (if everything looks normal or if a visual glitch is observed).

MiG-21 FL Fishbed-D (export), 1965

                                                 Ventral pylon
Loadout                                           visible      Droptank    Visuals
Fighter 3: 2x R-3A                                  Yes           No         OK
Fighter 3: 2x RS-2-US                             Yes           No         OK
Fighter 3: 2x RS-2-US (flare)                    Yes           No         OK
GAttack:   2x FAB-100                             No            No         OK
GAttack:   2x FAB-250                             No            No         OK
GAttack:   2x FAB-500                             No            No         OK
GAttack:   2x ZB-360                              No            No         OK
GAttack 3: 2x UBI-16-7U Rocket Pods        Yes           No         OK
GAttack 1: 2x S-24 Rockets                     Yes           No         OK
Ferry:     1x PTB-490 [droptank]               Yes           Yes        OK
Fighter 3: 2x R-3A + 1 PTB-490                 Yes           Yes        OK
Fighter 3: 2x RS-2-US + 1 PTB-490            Yes           Yes        OK
Fighter 3: 2x RS-2-US (flare) + 1 PTB-490   Yes           Yes        OK
GAttack:   2x FAB-100 + 1 PTB-490             No            Yes     Floating droptank
GAttack:   2x FAB-250 + 1 PTB-490             No            Yes     Floating droptank
GAttack:   2x FAB-500 + 1 PTB-490             No            Yes     Floating droptank
GAttack:   2x ZB-360 + 1 PTB-490              No            Yes     Floating droptank
GAttack 3: 2x UBI-16-7U + 1 PTB-490         Yes           Yes         OK
GAttack 1: 2x S-24 Rockets + 1 PTB-49      Yes           Yes          OK
Fighter 6: 1x GP-1 Gunpod                       Gunpod         No         OK
Fighter 7: R-3A + 1 GP-1                         Gunpod         No         OK
Fighter 7: 2x RS-2-US + 1x GP-1              Gunpod         No         OK
Fighter 7: 2x RS-2-US (flare) + 1x GP-1     Gunpod         No         OK
GAttack 12: 2x FAB-100 + 1x GP-1            Gunpod         No         OK
GAttack 12: 2x FAB-250 + 1x GP-1            Gunpod         No         OK
GAttack 12: 2x FAB-500 + 1x GP-1            Gunpod         No         OK
GAttack 12: 2x ZB-360 + 1x GP-1             Gunpod         No         OK
Fighter 7: 1x GP-1 + 2x PTB-490               Gunpod    Yes (wings)  OK
GAttack 13: 2x UBI-16-7U + 1 GP-1          Gunpod         No         OK
GAttack 14: 2x S-24 Rockest + 1 GP-1       Gunpod         No         OK
Ferry: 3x PTB-490 Droptanks                     Yes           Yes (3x)   OK

Most loadouts look fine, except for the combinations of bombs and one droptank. Then, the ventral pylon is not shown and the droptank appears to float under the plane.

Here, a MiG-21 FL with 2x R3-A missiles and a droptank correctly attached to the ventral pylon:

Now, the same MiG-21 FL with 2x FAB-250 bombs and a droptank 'floating' because of the absent pylon:

Oddly, the ventral pylon does appear in some rocket/missile loadouts without being needed, since no droptank is included, for example,
the 2x R3-A option without droptank:

A final strange thing is that the loadout list is not shown in-game as it should be according to the #JTW3 > STD > i18n > weapons.properties file.
This is what I see in the QMB:

And this is what I have in weapons.properties file:
# MiG-21FL
MiG-21FL.default                                                                       Default               
MiG-21FL.rocketK13                                                                     2x R-3A               
MiG-21FL.2xFAB100                                                                      2x FAB-100               
MiG-21FL.2xFAB250                                                                      2x FAB-250m46               
MiG-21FL.2xZB360                                                                       2x ZB-360
MiG-21FL.2xUB16                                                                        2x UB-16-57U Rocket Pods
MiG-21FL.rocketS24                                                                     2x S-24 Rockets
MiG-21FL.droptank                                                                      1x PTB-490 Droptank
MiG-21FL.dt_rocketK13                                                                  2x R-3A + 1x PTB-490
MiG-21FL.dt_2xFAB100                                                                   2x FAB-100 + 1x PTB-490
MiG-21FL.dt_2xFAB250                                                                   2x FAB-250m46 + 1x PTB-490               
MiG-21FL.dt_2xZB360                                                                    2x ZB-360 + 1x PTB-490
MiG-21FL.dt_2xUB16                                                                     2x UB-16-57U + 1x PTB-490
MiG-21FL.dt_rocketS24                                                                  2x S-24 Rockets + 1x PTB-490
MiG-21FL.gunpod                                                                        1x GP-1 Gun Pod
MiG-21FL.gp_rocketK13                                                                  2x R-3A + 1x GP-1
MiG-21FL.gp_2xFAB100                                                                   2x FAB-100 + 1x GP-1
MiG-21FL.gp_2xFAB250                                                                   2x FAB-250m46 + 1x GP-1               
MiG-21FL.gp_2xZB360                                                                    2x ZB-360 + 1x GP-1               
MiG-21FL.gp_2xdroptank                                                                 2x PTB-490 + 1x GP-1
MiG-21FL.gp_2xUB16                                                                     2x UB-16-57U + 1x GP-1
MiG-21FL.gp_rocketS24                                                                  2x S-24 Rockets + 1x GP-1
MiG-21FL.3xdroptank                                                                    3x PTB-490 Droptanks               
MiG-21FL.none                                                                          Empty

As seen before, in-game list includes "GAttack" or "Fighter" versions, but there are a lot of underscore symbols (_) that make it difficult to read. I thought that weapons.properties was just a cosmetic file, but it seems that there is something else that overrides it.

At the moment, I've just checked the MiG-21 FL version, but I will have a look to other versions. At first glance there are problems with MiG-21 PFM, too.


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Re: Visual glitches in MiG-21 loadout
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2020, 01:18:16 PM »

Did you see my reply to the Su-7 thread?

The properties file is just cosmetic. It is not up to date at all in JTW and assload of work I can't do / want to do alone, simply put.

The prefixes are only relevant in their cod form, where they manage the visibility of pylons.  discovered a java error that prevents the centerline pylon to load. But that I already explained in the Su-7 thread.


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Re: Visual glitches in MiG-21 loadout
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2020, 02:22:17 PM »

Hi Vampire,
yes, I've seen your reply in the Su-7. And that was the reason to open a new thread, since problems in Su-7 and MiGs seem different.

You asked me if I had seen problems in other MiGs so I began this report. As you say, putting a ventral pylon in all configurations that carry a droptank under the fuselage could fix the problem with MiG-21 FL. However in some models (like the PFM) I saw a different problem: two bombs overlapping under one wing, leaving the other wing empty. Since I am confined away from home and I don't have joystick, rudder, etc, I cannot fly properly, so I can spend some time just checking visuals. There are so many different versions and loadouts that I thought that it could be helpful to make a one-by-one revision.

Concerning the properties file, I wasn't aware that they were not to date, so it is good to know. I agree that the work needed to mend it is overwhelming, so I understand that it is left as it is for the moment.


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Re: Visual glitches in MiG-21 loadout
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2020, 04:16:34 AM »

My screenshot shows the same loadout as yours over there, just fixed ;)

It was bombs loaded on wrong hooks, but it was exclusively the FAB500s... most likely a copy/paste error that carried over and over for that loadout.
I did not see this error anywhere else.

The prefixes are used as references in java, telling the game which pylon mesh to display.  (like, if loadout starts with "GAttack_3":, then display pylon 1,2, 3...)

For some reason I do not know, the Gattack: prefex was not set up correctly, having no reference to show the central pylon at all. I added that line in java and all is well again.
The twin bomb loadouts without the center line tank now also display the (empty) pylon. But who in their right minds rides a Mig-21 to a Ground attack mission with no external tank? ;)

Changing the loadout name itself would also be possible, however, each old mission using this loadout would then break with "explode on spawn"


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Re: Visual glitches in MiG-21 loadout
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2020, 09:02:10 AM »

Good to hear that it has been fixed.
So, I understand that the problem is in the prefixes code, so once it is fixed it should work with all planes and variants having those prefixes.

I see there is no need to change the loadout names, because it would bring compatibility issues with old missions.
However, cleaning up the weapons.properties file would be nice. I remember you asked for volunteers to do that task.

I've tried a tool developed by Storebror to creat a weapons.properties file from the in-game data and obtained an updated list.

I could try to manually change the names that appear in-game (although the task is hard: more than 24000 lines in weapons.properties, but not all of them have to be altered) and share the file once I finish.
But I would need some guidance. What changes should I made?
The more obvious are to remove all underlines and replace by space, to improve readability (for example: Fighter:_2xR60+1xDroptank changed to Fighter: 2x R60 + 1x Droptank).
What other changes did you have in mind when asking for volunteers?



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Re: Visual glitches in MiG-21 loadout
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2020, 12:21:31 PM »

The weapons.properties is already in the works. Let's see how far we get places.
It is just very extensive work.
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