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Author Topic: OvS-1939  (Read 941 times)

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David Prosser

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« on: April 07, 2020, 05:27:54 AM »

OvS 1939 ia part two of the CZ-38 series. Otto von Schonau is the nephew of Deiter von Rossbach who featured in LSK-1.0 He is flying a Ju-87 A2 in the Battle of France. German planes include the Ju-38, He 50, He-45, H 123, Bf 109 B, and C. He-51, Storch, He 111 A, and Hs 126. Entente planes include the Vildebeest, Hawker Storm, Gladiator I, and II, Fury, Hind, Dewotine 372, and 510, Loire 46, Curtiss Hawk, Ms 406, and Bre-270. Part two will include Case Red, and a short stint in the Battle of Britain. The Bob wasn't very Stuka friendly.


Leutnant von Schonaus' Ju-87 A2.

Trucks go boom!

Gladiator v Bf-109 C.

Guns go bang.

Stukas arrive, and guns go boom!

He-51 v Gladiator.
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