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Axis factions red sided versions


I have noticed that some countries, for example the US and Britain, have entries on both sides of Il-2. Theoretically, this can mean someone can make a mission with USA vs Britain and no clever mission building tricks would be needed.

I can't say the same for Japan and the Luftwaffe. Both of them are firmly blue-sided without an equivalent, or quality equivalent on the red side. That means making a mission like say Imperial Japan vs Germany or Poland vs both Germany and the Soviets would not be easy to make without any mission building tricks. There are many potential ideas that can result from the Luftwaffe and Japan having a red-sided equivalent like how the US and Britain can have a blue-sided equivalent.

Thank you in advance if someone decides to pick this up.

Britain and US have blue-sided equivalent for modern scenarios, against Red usual countries like USSR...

I understand that, but I've been planning to make a few missions with Germany vs Japan and the Invasion of Poland.

You can use red-sided East Germany, with custom skins !


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