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My request for the wonderful Be2C by Gio:

Can it be updated to include collision and damage model?


Heaven17 :)

I think all of Gio's ww1 planes have wrong hitboxes.


--- Quote from: vpmedia on March 12, 2020, 11:08:09 AM ---I think all of Gio's ww1 planes have wrong hitboxes.

--- End quote ---

Yes.  :(

Un saludo.

David Prosser:
Amen to that. As is, it won't take any damage. And in DOF, you can't change skins. There's no point including it in missions until it has a proper damage model.

It's not only a problem of wrong hitboxes
For many of these WW1 planes, such as the Farmans , the collisions have received them the same name as the main mesh, instead of naming them with regular collision names beginning with an x (xcf0, xwingmid,...) Therefore the game will not only not recognize them (even if you are allowed to use non-standard names if you re-edit the java damage model, the x prefix for main collisions and xx prefix for secondary collisions are compulsory.). BTW it is quite possible that this is the result of a mistake made while using of the Maratz exporter to export the meshes - this seems to me the most probable explanation - a recurrent mistake in the writing of the cfg files of the exporter.


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