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Installed this great mod into Vpmedia by ModdingMonkey.,35486.msg386766.html#msg386766
I would Request a mod so the high pitch roar of the rocket engine can be heard lifting the V2 into the heavens. Thanks.

This is a very strange request.  o_O
The V2 is taking off very quickly. It's only visible for a second. So the current sound is more than enough...
But that's just my opinion...  :-X

Hans-Joachim Marseille:
@gb027:  I agree - they still make no sounds at all. :(   Also I would love to finally see and be able to use the Black and White-skin for it which is in the files(!?) and is also not working so far. I think it would be nice to have that milestone of technology a bit more realistic. We have so many awesome sounds in our game - but also some "lacks". Same goes for "Nebelwerfer" and "Katyusha" where I had made a realistic sound for but does not work in BAT i.e. overwrites some gunsounds. I would be amazed if soundmodders could have a look on that. I think it is not too bad - and works fine in DBW btw.  But I have alrready suggested all that in BAT topic.   ;)


--- Quote from: Hans-Joachim Marseille on March 11, 2020, 04:03:49 AM ---@gb027:  I agree - they still make no sounds at all.

--- End quote ---

We don't have sounds on the V1 in UP3.3. so...

Correct. The black and white V2 is not visible and no sound is heard when it launches. Thanks H-JM for backing me up.  :D


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