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Assign different triggers for early P-40 .30 and .50?


I have a topic on this in the Superschool...

If I didn't have nuttin' but trouble trying to get my hands on and install Eclipse, I wouldn't have to endure the vicissitudes of the crude and limited Jode compiler/decompiler. And I would have had this request done myself in minutes. It's so simple, but while Jode compiles my code seemingly fine, andq no in-game errors are generated at all, I get no joy. It's as though the game utterly ignores my classfile.

So I must come hat in hand, begging for someone to spend perhaps a half hour to take on the little task of assigning a different trigger for the .50s on the P-40B/C, Hawk 81-A and the Tomahawks.

This has already been done, for example, for the RKKA P-40 mod's Tomahawk (available here at SAS.)

As I understand it, the real planes had switches for selection of the desired guns. While there was just the one trigger on the stick, and hence no quick way to fire different guns via two triggers as we do in the game, at least this affords the ability to fire those guns deemed effective for the task.

My instinct is to assign trigger 0 for the wing-mounted .30s and 1 for the nose-mounted .50s. As the aforementioned RKKA mod does.

Thanks much in advance to any kind soul who might see this as a welcome diversion from the drudgery of building a whole plane from scratch. ;) And I'm sure other desk jockeys would appreciate this, too.


It seems to me you're referring to "stock" planes.
In this case I suppose there is a 99% chance that in order to modify the triggers you have to do so by modifying the "cod" files of the aircraft concerned.
Nothing to do with Java.

You know, I was partly suspecting the role of the cod file here. But the RKKA P-40 mod does not include a cod file, yet it successfully set different triggers for its new Tomahawk. Clearly, I don't understand the finer points of the game's architecture. ;)


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'Nuff being said.


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