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game progress not saving


Was all going ok, in "To Lose A Battle: France 1940", however, maybe..maybe after some general meddling amoungst the Mods and files (Please!!), this game will not save progress. every time I come back to it ,it's stuck at same point in game and even re-flying next mission it doesn't progress. Read some of the posts regarding this issue but there is as usual there is conflicting advice about causes. Many thanks to all modders and protectors of SAS. It worked ok b4 but something has gone FUBAR.

this is typical for the game not being able to write missions with that particular map.

try the map in FMB and see if you can save missions. If not, you have probably messed up the map or objects necessary.

AH! it was the maps i was messin with, I saw there was some updates for those maps and probably altered something. If i reinstall the maps will that help?

you simply have to repair that map, no idea what you did.


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