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Snow in Tunis


In my crass ignorance, I believed that it did not snow on Africa and the Middle East (apart from the famous snows of Kilimanjaro). I had already had to change my mind by looking at the snow on the mountains that form the backdrop to Rayak airport, in a photo taken at the time of the Allied invasion of Lebanon (1941).

But the snow on the plains! Snow on the desert!

I am updating a campaign of mine that takes place in Tunisia, and DGen gives me winter missions with snow! Nah! Already in the first edition I had set "NoBadWeather" to avoid this "absurdity", but I was also sorry to give up the rain ... so I tried again, using an "option" of the DGen of Asura that I had recently discovered [MapSeason], and obviously setting it to "Summer". As often happens for Asura's "options", it didn't work, but I wanted to make one last attempt by "googling" << Snow on Tunis >>, and look what I found:

it certainly doesn't always happen, but I think I'll leave this possibility in the game. What do you think about it?


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