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Can the various cockpit CAMERA view hooks be placed in any mesh?


Greybeard's tribulations in finding the mesh that contains the view hooks for the Ki-61 cockpit (turns out they're in Floor.msh) got me to thinking...

Can we put these hooks in *any* mesh we desire?

Better yet, can we create a "mesh" that contains *only* the view hooks? (Or if such must be present, a minimal 'fake' mesh of a single invisible polygon.) I'd love to have such a tiny file dedicated to just the CAMERA hooks; I hate doing edits to huge meshes having thousands of lines of (crucial) data when I might only need to play with PoVs.

well you can just manually re-write the position of the hooks :|

What I'm asking about is this. Suppose I don't want the CAMERA, CAMERAAIM and CAMERAUP hooks to appear in, say, Body.msh. Instead, I want to create a new mesh containing these hooks called, say, POV.msh. If necessary, to make this a valid mesh I could create a single invisible polygon. Then in hier.him I would have an entry like this, for example:

mesh POV
parent _ROOT_
attaching ...........

That'll work, provided that you make sure your new mesh is the only one where these hooks get declared (i.e. remove the hooks from the mesh where they are declared previously), otherwise the game will arbitrarily choose either of the available hook declarations.


Indeed, it was implied that only the one instance of the hooks would be present among all meshes. ;) Thanks for confirming this. I kind to figured this should be the case, given the variety of mesh names we find the hooks within, and that I've never come across any declaration in classfiles about where to read the hook parameters.


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