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Author Topic: Thinking of Creating an Ace Combat Styled Campaign  (Read 1035 times)

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Thinking of Creating an Ace Combat Styled Campaign
« on: January 30, 2020, 08:13:20 PM »

Hey everyone, I'm new here and have been playing IL-2 since sometime in middle-school, which was about 12 years ago for me. It's been one of my favorite games of all time and since I grew up and learned how to actually install mods for video games, I finally got around to revisiting IL-2 with B.A.T. after a several-year absence. First off let me offer my awe and congratulations to the mod team, the addition of B.A.T. makes IL-2 into the most all-encompassing flight-sim of all time in my opinion.

Anyway, I recently did my yearly play through of the Ace Combat series of games and was thinking about how one could go about making a stylistically similar campaign within The Jet Age for B.A.T. My experience with mission-making is...tentative, to say the least, but as far as a story goes I should have that down fairly easily (thank you overpriced English degree). There are a couple of issues off the bat that come to mind, largely dealing with the discrepancy in the arcade-iness inherent in AC vs. IL-2, and the AC series' famous "boss battles" would be missing from my campaign. However, it might be interesting to explore the large-scale aerial dogfighting that's fallen out of vogue with modern jet warfare. This would likely be the essence of what I would try to capture with a campaign like this, with escort and perhaps a ground attack mission or two to keep things interesting. I can't imagine this campaign will be fairly long, due in part to my basic skills with the mission-maker and the inability to emulate some of the more fantastical elements of the Ace Combat mythos in the IL-2 engine. The crux of what I'm imagining can be seen in the missions "Comona" from AC4 and "Mayhem" from AC0. Dogfights with immense spectacle best paired with a screaming electric guitar via any number of third-party music players. In addition to the missions, I've already made an AC-styled "voice pack" that replaces the radio chatter with lines from the Ace Combat games. It fits pretty well within The Jet Age, but feels somewhat out of place when you hear someone in the Battle of Britain getting shot down by a missile. Finally, I could try my hand at skinning some of the jets to fit whatever story setting I come up with, and I can only promise you that they will...exist (I'm not a competent skinner by any means). I'm actually surprised nobody has made any AC skins for The Jet Age yet that I could find. At any rate, is this something people would be interested in? As a proof-of-concept if nothing else? Let me know because that would motivate me to start working on it and make something tangible for a community of modders that have given me so much over the years. The recent Crimson Skies campaign that was released was also an inspiration for this. If you've read this far, thank you.

TL;DR: I want to make an Ace Combat-esque campaign in The Jet Age, is anyone interested?



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Re: Thinking of Creating an Ace Combat Styled Campaign
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2020, 04:33:53 AM »

I like your idea :)
I'm not an Ace Combat fan but nevertheless my first plane game was Blazing Angels so...I understand your concept.
If you don't know Blazing Angels, it's basically Ace Combat with WWII planes and very hard/rage-inducing missions.


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Re: Thinking of Creating an Ace Combat Styled Campaign
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2020, 04:45:10 AM »

Hi and welcome to BAT then.

I move this to Campaigns and Missions General, as the section you used is supposed to be for actual downloads only.

First off, I never played AceCombat, so any leeway you'd take, I would not recognize.

But what I am definitely interested in, is campaigns that are outside the box. The fun part of making these is to explore the possibilities inside BAT FMB (and there are many!) to transport the part of the story you want to tell. And that's also a strong point you make, that interests me a lot, telling a story.

I've done my share of such campaigns ([ur=https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61602.0.htmll]BAT Odyssey[/url] - that "other AC", Adventures in Antarctica, Crimson BAT, Jetman...) and I've also build a great many JTW campaigns, however mostly depicting some real events.

So you are absolutely welcome to share your experience and your questions as they arise. Sometimes, it helps to not travel a straight line because, as you already said, you cannot "copy" certain features of other games, however, think sideways and put the story in the center and think about what tools you have to make the story work.

I faced the item of Bossfights myself in the Odyssey campaign. At one point you enter an arena where you go up 1:1 against other mercs.
However, IL-2 has limitation to AI, as the AI most of the time thinks they are a gunslinger. They can't use long distance weapons right. Anything that's out of sight is out of mind. AIM9 is the limit of what makes sense to them. Don't even try to fight that, embrace it.

A bossfight in Il-2 JTW would be Su-22 vs F-14 maybe....

For balancing, you should also think about giving the player a hint as to what realism settings to use. In my opinion, from playing hundreds of jet missions, setting everything to OFF in the first flighmodel realism setting panel is the best for modern jets as the java and FMs can do their thing undisturbed that way. Those settings were designed for piston engines of WW2.

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