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Every Il-2 has the identical red prop spinner... in post #3

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Recently noted that *every" Il-2, with *every* skin, shows the same red prop spinner. I see in the skins what appear to be circular elements for the purpose. But I only see a smooth red paint job, with no texture variation (as though the whole spinner is painted with a single pixel.) I can't recall this being the case in the past, but because I don't fly this bird very much it might be a long term thing I simply missed.

4.12.2 Modact 5.3, with mucho additional mods.

Any ideas on where I might look to fix this?

I noted it mostly because during the past few days I've been spending a lot of time with her. More specifically, the 1940 ("early") model into which I'm removing the gun sight elements from the main 'pit body mesh and then adding my own sight creation as its own hier.him object.

Basing this on Greif11's wonderful cockpit creation of 2017, which has enhanced poly counts for many parts.

I'll be releasing this soon, even though not complete to the standard I prefer. (I eventually want to add a more complete after cabin so that one does not enjoy an artificially improved view angle to the rear, especially now that I've expanded the 6dof range of virtual head translation in the cockpit class. ;)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the squadron color?
IIRC I've been flying the IL-2 online with a cyan spinner most of the time, which was because I didn't just choose the default squad.


You gave me a brief surge of hope, only to have it dashed on the rocks. ;) Changing squadrons makes no difference.

Does this old mod work?


--- Quote from: cbradbury on January 29, 2020, 01:20:58 AM ---Does this old mod work?

--- End quote ---

Just installed, and indeed, it does now display the prop spinner texture as intended by the artists.

What a weird issue to have present. Has it always been thus for the game's namesake plane?

Thanks for the swift help!


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