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Author Topic: Jet Age AI  (Read 413 times)

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Jet Age AI
« on: January 28, 2020, 04:00:22 AM »

I've noticed that roughly a quarter of the Jet Age fighter aircraft don't want to dogfight; they'll make evasive maneuvers but they won't make any effort to shoot you (or enimies if they're friendly AI). What's even more strange is that there doesn't seem to be any pattern to the effected aircraft other than that it seems to be more prevalent in the relatively recent ones ie 1965+

Is there something I'm doing wrong in the mission editor or is it a bug? I don't have any JSGME mods or other sub-mods installed.

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: Jet Age AI
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2020, 07:10:06 PM »

It happens exactly the same.
but it seems that nobody knows what happens


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Re: Jet Age AI
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2020, 10:00:05 PM »

specify planes and loadout of the affected plane you see.

It is not random. AI is not really moddable. The modern jets still employ a lot of the behavior patterns of the stock game. They cannot shoot beyond visual and only will attack if they have guns on their loadout. An F-4D therefore is by default always an AI bomber. If they cannot maneuver tightly enough for example, to get withing visual firing distance of, say, an AIM9, then they simply cannot attack.


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Re: Jet Age AI
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2020, 01:24:55 PM »

Here's some info about the AI changes:

AI improvements in 4.11/12 patches

AI routines in 4.11 have been modified extensively in order to introduce several limitations that human pilot would experience.
Below is a list of things player can expect to see in 4.11:

Various new AI maneuvers have been added. Number of maneuvers is increased by 25%.

AI planes will no longer detect enemy planes automatically inside certain radius. Position and size of enemy plane is the main factor here. Bigger plane will obviously produce a bigger and more visible "dot" and it will be more visible to AI.

AI skill will generally determine how well AI can spot targets. Also every gunner on board will contribute to enemy spotting by covering their own sectors. Generally pilots will keep looking more forwards than backwards. Occasionally fighters execute fishtail maneuver to get better view behind. Planes will be less visible against dark background like land, but more visible against brighter background like sky and clouds. Clouds & land mass blocks AI's ability to see other planes behind them. For example it is possible to evade attacking AI plane by hiding in clouds. AI planes will also try to hide in clouds in certain conditions. AI's own plane will block their line of sight. This is calculated from the plane's collision model. For example basically all planes cannot see directly below them, unless the plane hasv entral/bottom gunner that can cover the underside. For example plane like Blenheim has blind spot rear & behind since it has no tail/bottom gunner. Plane like B-17 with bottom/reargunners cannot be surprised from rear & behind like Blenheim (during daylight). Occasionally fighters will execute roll maneuvers to get a look directly below them. When fighter is pulling positive G's to get a lead shot and target goes invisible under nose, AI will not see the target. Instead of aiming at the actual target, AI is shooting at estimated target which position is extrapolated based on the last real observations. Much like human brain would do.

AI pilot's ground collision detection is improved and now they will detect ground obstacles infront of them better. Previously AI always crashed into certain kind of hill/mountain which hastoo steep slope. Environment factors such as darkness affects how well planes can be seen. AI is blind against attack from sun and planes show up better as silhouette against moon. Planes are spotted more easier if they emit smoke, fire, condensation trail or have lights on or are illuminated by searchlight. Also ships & ground AAA and aircraft gunners have the same clouds/ground/environmentrestrictions as AI pilots.

AI gunners check before shooting that there is no friendly planes in front/behind their enemytarget. AI gunners don't keep shooting while the gun is turning towards target and the target isnowhere near when the bullets would go. So gunners will no longer waste ammo for stupidshots. Gunners will be less accurate shooting targets that move fast. In other words target thatforces the gunners to turn guns fast is less likely to get hit.Gunners that experience too much positive or negative G's cannot fire at all.AI plane's engine will overheat forcing AI to reduce throttle and open radiators.AI planes respect diving limits of their planes. Changes have been made in AI deflection shooting. AI calculate deflection better but it is still not perfect. AI's ability to chose correct deflection and to hold steady aim vary with the skill. AIAces shooting ability is now at human aces level and if they get into your close six you will bein trouble.AI flights doesn't go into attack as soon as they spot the enemy anymore. Depending on thesituation AI might try to avoid fight or try to improve their position before commencing the attack. AI skills are now  divided internally into sub-skills  and thus provide finer distribution of skill.Aces are still better than Veterans and Averages are better than Rookies but not all AI pilots with the same skill are the same. Some fly better, some shoot better. Some are braver andsome see better. This makes their behavior less predictable.In addition to the maneuvers, AI fighter defense is completely reworked, no more constantrolls. AI will perform diverse maneuvers and provide bigger challenge to the player. AI will make mistake too. They will stall and spin occasionally, panic and “freeze” and sometimes they will even bail out before you fire a single bullet at them. Note If AI planes in player’s own flight have not noticed the enemy planes, player has possibility to“point out” the enemy presence to the friendly AI planes by padlocking enemy plane so that it is visible at roughly center of the screen (15 deg. cone). This works even if the padlock is not enabled. Also the commands attack all/bombers/fighters has the same function built in as the padlock key. So issuing “attack fighters” command to your wingman would fail if your wingman has not seen the enemy and you give the command while you don’t see the enemy. Giving the command when you see the enemy at the center of your screen (in cockpit) gives your wingman the direction of the enemy and wingman can attack it. This prevents abusing the attack commands like a radar. The AI development is a continuous process we plan to refine further for 4.12. We would like to ask you to report any odd AI behavior we may have not noticed during our beta testing. It was not possible for us to test all AI situations / routines. Checks concerning clouds are not working on dedicated server. DS doesn't know anything about clouds and was never designed to have AI planes, but we will try to change this later.

src: 4.11 pdf guide
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