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Dopey question ref UP and HSFX

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Can someone give me the Readers Digest version of the main difference(s) between UltraPack and HSFX please?
I know they are both better for online play and I believe there are more jets et al in UP, is that correct?


A few years ago I was flying SEOW.
If I remember well, the main difference was slightly different flying models, FMB in HSFX practically as in the stock version, and everything related to SEOW (which I ignore the details, some resource management, but no comparison to Zuti's mod to my scant knowledge and my preferences).
In general for my HSFX it was almost like stock...

Thanks CirX;
for some reason I couldn't find the UP 'briefing' that you provided so thanks for that.  I guess I wasn't using the right search terms.  Our little online group has been using HSFX v7 for quite some time now but I was curious to see if we were missing out on anything by not using UP.  Given that we're almost exclusively WW2 oriented it appears that HSFX is still the best option for us.

We are just winding up a Battle of Britain campaign (using DCG).  Your point about some mods not working with HSFX is valid although we've actually managed to use some aspects of the C&C mod which has, for example, given us the Chain Home radars providing vectors during our patrols etc.  Other aspects of the C&C mod don't work (e.g. the SAR object), which is unfortunate as it is a very cool part of the mod.

I investigated the SEOW world a while back and with Kopfdorfer's help I installed the various 'parts' and managed to get things partially working.  However, it is not an intuitive setup and is quite involved and is aimed at a much larger community.  I eventually gave up on it as DCG provides a similar function (albeit not as in-depth as SEOW) for our little group and our dynamic campaigns. i.e. "if it isn't broken, don't mess with it"  ;)

I notice there is no equivalent post to the above links, dealing with "Newbie Guide: What is BAT" that I can find. I hope someone will write one sometime.


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