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Cargo Loads?


As I spent the day working on my Ar232 mod, a musing thought crossed my mind. Can a vehicle or artillery piece mod be turned
into Cargo. And, have it off load after the Transport has landed. Similar to supplies and paratroopers in the air. Would make the
mission success objective be delivering equipment.
I know it will probably take a lot of coding. Just a thought for future endeavors.


Funny you suggest that...

From the days of the original IL-2 I suggested something similar for the Me-321, that is when it lands, troops and vehicles come out.  I guess it could be done on cargo planes.  I guess you could conceptually create a weapon from a vehicle/artillery object.

It has been a long time since I modded or coded in Java in IL-2, but I seem to remember a function/routine/property called murderPilot, which I believe is the thing that makes the crew from gliders get out of the plane in haste when it lands.  Not sure though.

Good idea.


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