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As most of you know, I am always tinkering about with some idea or another which often leads to new campaigns for everyone to enjoy (or ignore. That's up to you, totally)

Sometimes I am just mulling ideas or would like to bounce a few balls to get things going.
So I thought, maybe I could make a general thread about my WIP projects, and well, that's here.

So, what's up?
The finishing touches are being put on BAT 3.8, which will bring a lot of cool new stuff, not only but also for mission builders. The best way to test such a pack is by simply playing it, with a lot of diverse missions of every kind and build new ones. That's what I am doing, call it "the fun part".

Currently I am working on two major campaign conversions, mostly done and ready for BAT 3.8 when it's due.

I already converted old material from DixieCapt, his USMC and ACG campaigns. Now I complete the package by bringing his FEAF and OSS campaigns to BAT as well. I wanted to play them again and the conversion comes along the way.

The usual stuff needs work: maps, columns used, aircraft (some mods have become available now!), some loadouts....

Both campaigns are great stuff for pilots who actually like flying around!
Particularly the OSS campaign, which revolves around a clandestine squad, is mostly secret agent stuff of all kinds you can imagine. This is a true atmospheric pilot's campaign with some occasional attacking in between.

FEAF also entails a lot of "just flying". You will be crossing the Pacific with the B-17 in several legs. After that it is you flying every kind of crate during the battle of the Philippines. B-17, P-40, P-26, L-5....
It has its share of dogfighting too. If you don't know these campaigns from a previous iteration, I hope you'll enjoy them as I do.

Then there's some content of my own creation coming.

I have something in store which will incorporate loadout mods that will roll out with BAT 3.8.
Already finished is a good old gritty Luft46 campaign where you can put the Ta-183 against Mig-9 in the Caucasus. Mig-Alley with a twist if you like.

Right now I am working on a big Vietnam campaign, working title is "Thud Ridge"... You should be able to guess what this will be about ;)

This one is basically my test bed for the new JTW module.
But it was hard to find a suitable map for this project... the Vietnam-online map was eventually my choice, simply for reasonable mission durations and also for actually suitable ground side looks in the target area. There's a lot of detailed South Vietnam but ground around Hanoi was a bit neglected or the maps cover too small an area since the Thuds have to fly from Thailand. I have  built Korat AB into a corner, using some of Kurfürst's material.Currently I fight the occasional random tree sprouting on the runway... But that can't be helped once in a while. A game restart resets this, tree sprouts elsewhere. So maybe you want to play this with a very low forest setting.
Many thanks to Enry711 for invaluable help getting this show on the road. He is helping with testflying and ground templates.

Wow ,thank you for these information  . It is lot of work and time. Thank you for this.  I am looking forward  for  converted campaigns. Good  Job

Odesláno z mého SM-A505FN pomocí Tapatalk


My version of Korat Royal Thai Airbase....

This all sounds great and I look forward to the Thud Ridge campaign!

 I don't know if they can be applied to the Vietnam online map, but may I suggest vpmedia's excellent SE Asia maps texture upgrades? I was kinda hoping they'd make into BAT someday, if it was ok with him.,57906.0.html

Anyhow, thanks again for all your work!

unfortunately the pack is not available to download anymore.


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