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Lost input settings after upgrading to Windows 10

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I just upgraded to Windows 10 and for some reason IL2 lost all my input settings (i.e. the 0-100% settings for power, trim etc).
Before I go resetting everything manually again, is there perhaps a folder where these settings might be sitting?  I've checked my pilot and he's the same.  My joystick button assignments had to be re-set too as Win10 saw all of my peripherals as a 'new' device.  A bit of a pain but I suppose it could have been worse.

On the subject of settings, I tried a search for any 'generic' input settings but don't see any in any threads.  Are there any suggested settings?  I'm using the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog stick and throttle.


Check your conf file ... Check this heading   [rts_joystick1]
Also check the USERS folder it also has many of the key settings....
I hope this helps.

Windows 10 sometimes has a nasty habit of reordering devices every other reboot.
Not that much of a problem for contemporary games like IL-2 Great Battles aka Battle of Stalingrad, which use a controller's GUID to identify it - the GUID never changes.
If however a game stupidly refers to controllers by their index, i.e. ask for "controller no. 1", like IL-2 1946 does, this can be a nasty surprise.

The solution to this issue can be found here:
It's a tool that lets you create an arbitrary order of devices per game, using an ini file that maps controller GUIDs to specific indices.


Great! I need just the same tool!! Hope to solve an old problem!

Thanks Mike;
To be honest I have the T.A.R.G.E.T. software associated with the Thrustmaster but confess that I ignored it.  I'm assuming if I'd used that then this problem wouldn't exist.

You are spot on ref the controller index as that is exactly what happened.  The control setup still listed for example "Joystick Button 15, ID2" but didn't see my Joystick anymore and after I'd re-mapped it shows "Joystick Button 15, ID4", so same friggin' button but a "new" device.  Annoying.

Gunny: yes, I checked the USER file and I noticed under my particular pilot that there were graduated power settings but for some reason this was not translating into the game as it should (ie. my settings were all at 100%).

Anyway, lesson learned...until next time LOL.


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