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WWI ( DBW-1916) on the SAS server?


Maybe this is the wrong forum, And I think I asked in TeamSpeak before..  But is it possible to have an online version of DBW-1916?  We were talking about this during the FAC session today.

If at all, I think BAT DOF would make more sense.
BAT is intended to be offline only, but that's mainly due to limitations applying to most JTW and some WAW mods.
DOF and TGA should be just fine or at least reasonable playable.

Thing is: Online gameplay is all about missions.
Who's going to create proper WWI online dogfight missions?


Most immediately, my response...who's gonna make the missions?  Prost

Who will make the missions?

  I will, I've already done  a near dozen North Sea and Somme missions.  Editing the .mis files is easily enough done in Notepad++.

When the new North Sea map becomes reality it will expand the maps available to cover all of the Western Front areas.

The parts really missing right now are part of the Verdun and most of the Lorraine and Alsace fronts.

I suppose what I'll have to do is send someone..( Gubi..?) my WWi_Somme Red_collection of .trks?

Sounds fun Fester old bean.
Is it possible to import DBW kites into UP3? I understand not how these technical things work.


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