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Any Bf 109F-1&F-2/Trop showing filter on desert maps?

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Trying to build a desert campaign late in 1941, I would need some Bf 109F-1 and F-2 having their tropical filter. Unfortunately, neither shows it in UP3RC4, while the sole F-2 available in DBW and 4.12 + SAS ModAct also misses the typical appendix... :(

Anyone knows if tropicalized F-1 and F-2 are available somewhere as a separate download?

Or a simple trick for dummies like me to make filter to appear?

IIRC the 109s from the great Anto pack had the filter show up automatically on MTO maps. The secret hereto lay in the hier.him...maybe check the hier.him files from that pack, I dunno though if that 109 pack is part of UP3 nowadays...

Thanks Griffon, you opened my mind: actually, it was a mod affecting aircraft shape that prohibited filter to show up on desert maps, for F-2. F-1 continue to lack the tropical air intake, but this sub-variant is a feature of UP, not part of original Anto's pack.

To get tropical filters you need several things:
- the "filter" objects in the Plane and therefore in the hier.him
- modify the Java code of the aircraft concerned.

And as I told you a few days ago, I don't touch the 109 because there are so many different versions of packs for these planes that it's difficult to do this work properly for everyone.  ;)
Bonne journée Giuseppe !

... I don't think there ever was a F1 Trop version, and the F2 Trop one was a field conversion, only 576 F4 Trop were built by Erla (fitted with trop filter right from production + umbrella slots) in the first half of 1942 ...  ;)


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