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For those of you out there with a love of scale modelling, please take a look, bring a pot of tea or coffee. ;)

Just rewind a bit to the start, I never was much good with technology as you can see, I was
watching cup in hand at too early a time and thought you guys mike like to see it. :D

The I.P.M.S.( International Plastic modelers Society) is most likely the largest grouping of its kind world wide, this is
the yearly gathering of all the groups within the U.K. and many from Europe and farther afield, held in November at
Telford, near to Birmingham, if you go by train you will change there to a local service for Telford.

Must be at least six years since I traveled from my home in the North West to the event, quite a trip by car, the
train is available but it is quite a walk from Telford Station to the event.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. ;D

Can't beat scale modelling!  8) Brilliant post sir!


--- Quote from: BlackAce7727 on November 17, 2019, 05:10:29 AM ---Can't beat scale modelling!  8) Brilliant post sir!

--- End quote ---

Glad you think so sir. 8)

It has been years now since I made anything but I have a stash awaiting that has been locked away for a while in the hope I regain my old enthusiasm. :D

The level of detail in those models is very impressive, the nearest I got was my Lancaster that used etched metal and plastic for the internals:

Anyway, I digress, you will see the word S.I.G. in the film quite a lot, for those not in the know that is a Special Interest Group, everything  from
the Phantom to sci fi figurines, from the Great War to Star Wars, individual aircraft collections and those portraying the history of Air Forces from
all over the world and their histories.

Tanks, ships, cars and anything else you can mention to cater for all interests, the entire event gets together all those who tinker away quietly
in their hobby room or at the table all year around and brings all those like minded souls together to meet in the flesh, not just names printed
in magazines or posted on the internet but real folks, scares me. ;)

Take care.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. ;D


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