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[Added in edit, Dec 3, 2019]

For other modders who can work with Java, I include snippets of relevant code (starting in reply #10) that you can easily incorporate or experiment with.

[END of edit]

In a continuation of some 4.09 fiddling, I've been carrying things over to 4.12, and exploring some new stuff. Here are some little 'projects' recently done, via Java code poking about:

1) Increase the range of head swiveling with head tracking. In azimuth, from 150 to 180 degrees. Looking down, from -60 to -75 degrees. Looking up, from 89 to 135 degrees. All this means that it's now not so common to hit the 'hard stops', and so the experience is less constrained and more natural feeling.

2) Expand the range of 6DoF motion for a number of planes. The 4.12 (possibly earlier?) cockpit classes for some or most planes have a line entry setting for limiting the range of fore-aft, left-right and up-down head movement. In some cases this has been set conservatively in one or more directions, usually to hide cockpit gaps.

If a 'pit has no such line entry in code, it uses a set of global defaults defined in another class file. But I've added such a line for those planes cockpit classes that I've wanted to adjust and which formerly used the defaults.

In most cases, I've increased the forward range of movement by 10-15cm, and downward by easily as much. By expanding these ranges, it's easier to shift about so as to get canopy framing out of the line of sight.

3) Alter the fog intensity by cloud type. For blind weather, change from second worst to worst. For rain/snow, change from worst to second worst. I've left the others as is.

Because I use Mission Pro Combo Plus, I had to pull out and alter the nine class files related to Mission.class. The code changes are trivially simple. I *might"* look into incorporating a set of entries in the [mods] section of conf.ini, which of course would obviate Java code alteration. But right now other tidbits command priority. ;)

sounds great, mate! keep tweaking! :D

May I suggest more sideways movement for the 6DOF (i.e. to simulate leaning out of the canopy to see when your windshield is covered in oil).

When the canopy is closed one does not want to get too close to the sides, else clipping occurs. When the canopy is opened, then of course one can effectively 'lean' arbitrarily far via the positioning of the appropriate additional PoV in the ViewHooks section (usually in body.msh, or mainehull.msh).

For formerly closed-only 'pits, the addition of the openable canopy permits to add the additional PoV, which I've done in a couple of instances.

For open pits, then of course the side lean range could be much expanded.

What would be neat is if one could set two different range limits, based on whether the canopy is open or closed. I suppose a coder more capable than me could devise such a method?...

Yup, exactly what I was getting at.  I just experienced the limitations while trying to land my damaged Spitfire with the windshield caked in oil.  Opened the canopy but only a limited ability to 'lean' out made for a very rough landing (although I still walked away). ;)


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