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WIP Build: Matchbox 1/32 Lysander Mk.III

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Hi guys
So, in this thread I'll be posting updates as I make progress with this build.
Initially, a lot of research to be done, and I'm still deciding how many 'mods' i'm going to add to it  :D

Meanwhile, I've started with some basic test-fitting of major parts, assembled some parts which are halves, such as wings, pilot figure,wheels and what i assume is the 150 gallon fuel pod. drilled out some bits such as the gun barrels. assembled the basic cockpit frame - this area will receive most of the upgrades.

i wasn't planning much in the line of exterior mods, but i have since discovered that the inside leading edge slats would be in the open position when the plane is at rest, so i'm now considering this rather intimidating mod,  8)

that's clearly seen in the following vid, and i'm also asking if anyone know if the two intakes inside the front cowling are a regular feature, or some postwar upgrade? they are visible at 0:13 seconds into the vid.

thanks in advance for any info.  :)

and lastly, a few pics of what i've been tinkering with to this point.

initial fitting is pretty good, the fuselage halves won't need much more than just a little filling here and there, so far, so good....

oh wait - one more question....

in this last pic below, when i see these depressions on the rear of the prop blades, i'm thinking 'those are sinkmarks'.
but before i go ahead and fill them, could anyone say if possibly that is meant to be this way?   o_O

thanks, and cheers!   8)

Peter Lynn:
Hi Malone,
I built this kit in the mid 80's and it proved fairly challenging. I thought I might offer some contribution regarding what lies ahead of you. As a coincidence, I finished mine exactly like the subject of your photo above of the full sized example including hand painted roundels and squadron codes.I super detailed mine by cutting away all the access panels on the port fuselage side and installed stuff like control cables and frame rigging and cutting away the leading edge slots and positioning them "out", but enough of that.
The prop bades on your kit have a bad dose of shrink recessions where the plastic did not fill the mould. Easily fixed with filler. You will find you'll have your hands full when it comes to fitting the wings to the canopy framing. The whole question of alignment here is important and it needs to start with the fitting of the undercarriage units and getting the angle right, or you may find that the wing struts won'nt acccomodate the right dihedral angle. I had to cut spacers from plastic card to the same profile as the strut ends to pack them out a little to get the right dihedral. I no longer have photos of mine unfortunately as a wind gust caught it sitting on my car roof as I was taking it to a local modelling competition and it was smashed on impact with the ground. It can be made into a really nice model but Matchbox kits of that era tended to be rather crude! If I can assist further please let me know. You are doing a great job with it so far. Good luck with her. They were an amazing aircraft!

thanks Peter - yep, I figured the prop thing was a mold sink problem - as you say, a simple bit of filling will sort that out
as for the wings thing, yes, that was the first potential headache that i spotted.
the fitting locators for the upper frame piece, upon which both upper wings are supported, is vague to non-existent.
certainly there is nothing that 'clicks' in to place here, and being such a high stress join area, this will have to be very carefully worked on.
i might add some extra support in this area, also to help get all the angles as they should be.
certainly i plan to do as much up-detailing as i can reasonably get away with.
cheers!   8)

Oh wow, great build project! I have one of these kits in my collection, but I wont build it unless I got another of course. I will follow this with Fascination Eugene!

the main reason i decided to go ahead with this one, Piet, is because the box was quite badly damaged - some sort of past damp issue.
luckily the decals are unafflicted with any such issue.
i have the 109E-3/4 and Dauntless SBD-5 in this series, as well - but i'm holding onto those, like Golem and The Ring   :D


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