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So, while i am still finishing off a WIP Spitfire and Do.17, that are both built and primed, ready for painting, I'm having a hard time deciding on my next aircraft project...
i've whittled the choice down to 3 to keep it simple.
picture below:

(the TBD-1 came in a bag, no box, so i just put the instructions there.)

the IL-2 is in 1/72; the TBD-1 in 1/48; the Lysander in 1/32. build times will probably be longer on the bigger scales.

i'm tending towards the namesake of our beloved sim...
the TBD-1 and the Lysander have been tempting me since I bought them, but I intend to do a lot of extra detailing on the Lysander (good for 1/32), and that might take some time....
so, let me hear from you guys, maybe I can do the one that most would be keen to see first.
poll will run for 3 days.
thanks, and cheers!

The Devastator, I like the obsolete examples the U.S.A. had on entry into WWII.

The guys flying them into combat mostly died but they did have an impact.

The Lysander would be second choice, under represented in the modelling world.

This may, Devastate you but it may be the Devastator from the looks of it. 8)


not a problem, Rickster - i must say the Devastator is quite nicely detailed and i just realised it has foldable wings! sweet!

(just to be clear - i know the real plane has foldable wings, i mean the!)  :P

The Lizzie.
Simply because it's 1/32, so it's expected to give best details of the three.


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