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Author Topic: 4.12.2 .rc file content?  (Read 245 times)

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4.12.2 .rc file content?
« on: September 06, 2019, 07:59:43 PM »

I'm in the process of adding my newly updated 4.12.2 install.

But I need the .rc file, and cannot find one. I'd simply copy the one from 4.09 and add the necessary additional lines for mounting the new SFS files. But would it be still valid? Is .rc otherwise different for 4.12 than it is for 4.09?

If so, might some kind soul post the content of theirs so that I might copy therefrom as necessary?



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Re: 4.12.2 .rc file content?
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2019, 08:19:37 PM »

Hi WxTech, Here is mine from my 4.12 base install. hope this helps :)
Code: [Select]
@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdParam NAME param \
HELP param <name of command> [<name param> [<value>]]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdLoad NAME load \
  load <full class name> \n \
\t[NAME <command name>] \n \
\t[HELP <help string>] \n \
\t[PARAM <name param> [<value>]]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdLoad NAME unload \
HELP unload <command name>
@param unload DELETE on

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdFile NAME file PARAM CURENV on \
HELP file <file name of list commans> [BREAK] - in current environment

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdFile NAME f \
HELP f <file name of list commans> [BREAK] - in new environment

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdSet NAME set \
HELP set <name of atom> <string>

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdSet NAME del PARAM REMOVE on \
HELP del <name of atom>

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdShow NAME show \
HELP show [<pattern of name atoms>] [AREA <name of area>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdShow NAME history PARAM HISTORY on \
HELP history

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdHelp NAME help PARAM SIZE 10 WIDTH 60 \
HELP help [<pattern of commands>] [NAMES] [SIZE <size of colons>] [WIDTH <width>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdHelp NAME ? PARAM SIZE 10 WIDTH 60 \
HELP ? [<pattern of commands>] [NAMES] [SIZE <size of colons>] [WIDTH <width>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdAlias NAME alias \
HELP alias [<name> <string>] | [<name> REMOVE]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdHotKey NAME hotkey \
HELP hotkey [<hot key> CMD <command>] [ENV [<environment>]] [CMDRUN [<cmdrun>] [REALTIME]]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdHotKeyCmd NAME hotkeycmd \
HELP hotkeycmd [ENV [<environment>]] [EXEC <name> [TIME <sec>]] [START <name>] [STOP <name>]

@load com.maddox.il2.engine.cmd.CmdActorSpawn NAME spawn \
  spawn <actor class name> \n \
\t[NAME <name>] [POSP <position>] [POSO <orientation>] \n \
\t[BASED <actor name for calculate position and orientation>] \n \
\t[BASE <name base actor>] [HOOK <name hook base actor>] \n \
\t[OWNER <name owner actor>] \n \
\t[ICON <icon name>] [MESH <mesh name>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdTimeout NAME timeout \
HELP timeout <timeout in ms> <command name> [<params>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdConsole NAME console0 \
  console0 [WRAP [on|off]] [PAGE [<size>]] [PAUSE [on|off]] [CLEAR] \n \
\t[HISTORY [<size>]] [HISTORYCMD [<size>]] [LOG [on|off]] [LOGTIME [on|off]] \n \
\t[LOGFILE [<file name>]] [LOAD <file name>] [SAVE <file name>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdConsole NAME console \
  console [CLEAR] [HISTORY [<size>]] [HISTORYCMD [<size>]] \n \
\t[LOG [on|off]] [LOGFILE [<file name>]] [LOAD <file name>] [SAVE <file name>]

@load com.maddox.il2.engine.cmd.CmdFObj NAME fobj \
HELP fobj [mask] [RELOAD]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdSFS NAME sfs \
HELP sfs [MOUNT <lib name> [<as path>]] [UNMOUNT <lib name>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdGC NAME GC

@load com.maddox.il2.engine.cmd.CmdPreload NAME preload \
HELP preload [<name of resource>] [SAVE <file name>] [REGISTER] [NOREGISTER] [CLEAR]

@load com.maddox.il2.engine.cmd.CmdWindow NAME window \
HELP window [<width> [<height> [<bpp> [<stencilbits>]]]] [FULL] [PROVIDER <name.dll>]

@load com.maddox.il2.engine.cmd.CmdFov NAME fov \
HELP fov [<angle>]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdMission NAME mission \
HELP mission [LOAD <name>] [BEGIN] [END] [DESTROY]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdTOD NAME tod \
HELP tod [<hour.min>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdSocket NAME socket \
 <empty>          (list protocols)\n \
 LISTENER [<0|1>] (enable/disable connect from remote hosts)\n \
 JOIN [BREAK]     (show status join/ break join)\n \
 <protocol>       (list sockets)\n \
 <protocol> CREATE [[LOCAL]HOST <nm>] [[LOCAL]PORT <n>] [CHANNELS <n>] [SPEED <n>]\n \
 <protocol> CHANNELS <n> [SPEED <n>] [[LOCAL]HOST <nm>] [[LOCAL]PORT <n>] \n \
 <protocol> SPEED <n> [CHANNELS <n>] [[LOCAL]HOST <nm>] [[LOCAL]PORT <n>] \n \
 <protocol> DESTROY [LOCALHOST <nm>] LOCALPORT <n> [HOST <nm>] [PORT <n>]\n \
 <protocol> JOIN [LOCALHOST <nm>] [LOCALPORT <n>] HOST <nm> [PORT <n>] [SPEED <n>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdSocks NAME socks \
HELP socks [ON|OFF] [HOST <socks host addr>] [PORT <socks host port>] [USER <user name>] [PWD <password>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdChannel NAME channel \
 <empty>  (list channels)\n \
 <number> [DESTROY] [SPEED <b/s>] [TIMEOUT <sec>] [STAT <sec>]

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdHost NAME host \
 <empty>  (list hosts)\n \
 PATH   (list pathes)\n \
 <name> (rename local host)

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdUser NAME user \
HELP [<name>|<*>] [# <N>] [ARMY <N>|<name>] [STAT]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdKick NAME kick \
HELP <name>

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdKickN NAME kick# \

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdBanned NAME ban \
 [ADD] [REM] [NAME [<name>]] [PATTERN [<pattern>]] [IP [<ip mask>]]\n \
 [CLEAR] [LOAD [<file name>]] [SAVE [<file name>]]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdChat NAME chat \
HELP <message> [ALL] [MY_ARMY] [TO# <N>] [TO <name>|<*>] [ARMY <N>|<name>]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdRadio0 NAME rch \

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdRadio NAME radio \
HELP radio [<name>] [NONE] [COMMON] [ARMY] [LIST]

@load com.maddox.sound.CmdMusic NAME music \
HELP music [PLAY] [STOP] [BREAK] [VOL] [PATH <randpathname>] [FILE <filename>]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdDotRange NAME mp_dotrange \
HELP mp_dotrange [FRIENDLY|FOE] [DEFAULT] [COLOR <km>] [DOT <km>] [RANGE <km>] [TYPE <km>] [ID <km>] [NAME <km>]

@load com.maddox.il2.engine.cmd.CmdFPS NAME fps \

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdSpeedBar NAME speedbar \
HELP speedbar [SHOW|HIDE]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdExtraOcclusion NAME extraocclusion \
HELP extraocclusion [ON|OFF]

@load com.maddox.il2.game.cmd.CmdSaveWeapons

@sfs MOUNT fb_3do.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do01.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do02.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do03.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do04.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do05.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do06.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do07.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do08.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do08p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do09p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do10p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do11.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do11p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do12.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do12p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do13.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do13p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do14.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do14p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do15.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do16.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do16p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do17.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do18.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do19.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do20.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do21.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do22.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do23.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do24.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do25.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_3do26.sfs

@sfs MOUNT fb_maps.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps01.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps02.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps03.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps04.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps05.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps06.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps07p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps08p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps09p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps10.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps10p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps11.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps12.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps12p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps13.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps14.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps15.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps16.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps17.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps18.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps19.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps20.sfs

@sfs MOUNT fb_sound.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_sound01.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_sound02.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_sound03.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_sound04.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_sound05.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_sound06.sfs

@load com.maddox.rts.cmd.CmdSFSAutoMount NAME sfsautomount \
HELP sfsautomount [MOUNT <folder name>] [UNMOUNT <folder name>]
@sfsautomount MOUNT SFS_AUTO

#preload REGISTER
@file .preload

Mine is located in the STD folder.


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Re: 4.12.2 .rc file content?
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2019, 08:44:14 PM »

Generally SASModAct 5.30 on 4.12.2m game doesn't need to touch .rc file by users.

Users can place new sfs files in the folder of il2root's SFS_AUTO/ folder.
sfs files in  SFS_AUTO/ folder (and its sub-folders like SFS_AUTO/1_modA/ , SFS_AUTO/2_modB/ ) are loaded automatically without .rc file editing.

Loading order also can be controlled by alphabetical sort of folder | file names in SFS_AUTO/ .
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Re: 4.12.2 .rc file content?
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2019, 09:45:18 PM »

PhantomII and Western,
Thanks for the replies.

I can see a bunch of new content in .rc compared to my old 4.09 version.

I like the idea of just putting the additional SFS files in the SFS_AUTO folder; I'll try that. I'll know it works if I can fly on the new Green Hell map...

Thanks again, gents!
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