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More than 5.000 Single Missions compatible with B.A.T. v3.8

We finally have a fully working DGen for BAT - World At War: hundreds of dynamic campaigns (765 including sub-campaigns, to be precise) for your pleasure. What was needed now is some content for the rest of the modules, how about some good single mission sets for quick sorties? The Single Mission Community Packs are the collaborative result of years of mission building from many passionate creators. Kudos to each and every one of the authors for sharing so much content with us.

These packs are compatible with B.A.T. v3.8 "Pegasus". Many missions won't work in previous versions.

All missions in the packs have gone through a series of scripts and a manual analysis to ensure critical objects are there. Maps, Aircraft, Loadouts, Chiefs… all missions were checked, and missing objects addressed. Some statics are still missing (B.A.T. does not have them all) but the game engine will just ignore these. All missions will load and play fine as long as your PC is up to the task: some missions have many actors and are quite demanding!

A project of this scope was only possible thanks to the new, enhanced Mission Pro Combo PLUS. Let's review some of its features in detail.

Mission Pro Combo PLUS

Mission Pro Combo PLUS is an in-depth revision of Mission Pro Combo for 4.12 by benitomuso. If you have B.A.T. v3.7, you already have Mission Pro Combo PLUS v1.0; if you upgraded to B.A.T. v3.8, you then have Mission Pro Combo PLUS v1.6.

I was hesitant to delve into Mission Pro Combo - the mod touches many integral parts of this game - but the modular nature of B.A.T. called for some enhancements. The Quick Mission Builder is a fantastic tool for quick action (QMB has been greatly improved in Mission Pro Combo PLUS) but many times we rather fly a more elaborated mission when we "just" have the time for a quick sortie.

Single Mission Selection Screen
Mission Pro Combo PLUS implements a new "Folder" dropdown. Install the Single Mission Community Packs and you will get access to dedicated folders for each era or module. Remember to always select the folder related to the module you are playing! The rest of the new options are self-explanatory.

• Titles: Toggle up to see mission titles. Toggle down to see mission filenames.
• Random: A mission will be randomly selected.

And remember: not all missions include descriptions and sometimes mission titles or filenames are misleading. Excuse the authors and be grateful they built and shared awesome content with us.

Important considerations about the "Single" folders

1) The stock "Missions/Single" folder is sacred. Do not delete it. Do not rename it. The "Missions/Single" folder stores backgrounds and other files the rest of the "Single" folders feed from. The built-in LastMission.mis file gets saved to the "Missions/Single" folder.

2) You can create as many new "Missions/Single XXX" folders as you like. The only rule being new folders must begin with "Single". Valid Examples:

• Missions/SingleNewProject
• Missions/Single New Project
• Missions/Single (New-Project)

You do not need to create "Country" folders if you don't have missions for that country. Mission folders and mission files can have spaces. Mission files must be inside their own Mission folder and the Mission folder must be inside a Country folder.

Mission Briefings

Briefing screens have been greatly improved both in Single and in (offline) Campaign modes. We now have the name of the map at the top, and the dropdowns have been enlarged and enhanced.

One of the highlights of Mission Pro Combo PLUS is that you can easily change the date of the mission. Starting now, mission creators (and the player) can set any date from 01.01.1900 to present-day in any mission, a milestone for the Dawn of Flight and The Jet Age modules.

Selections aren't permanent, it is safe to change anything.

In Single Mission mode, press the "Reset" button to reload the mission. If you want to change the date (or any other parameter) permanently, just press the "Save" button. The new settings will be saved to the mission file. The Reset, FMB and Save buttons are not available in Campaign Mode.

One of the best features of Mission Pro Combo is that you can play any mission with any aircraft and any loadout. You can choose your role or flight position and even fly different Flights! Click the "Arming" button to change additional settings of your whole flight.

And remember: not all missions include briefings or accurate dates or time. Excuse the authors and be grateful they built and shared awesome content with us.

Playing missions in Campaign Mode

If you like a single mission and plan to play all missions in a set, you better download the original files and play the missions in "Campaign Mode". Each mission folder comes with an "_url.txt" file containing a link to the mission set or campaign. Open the file, follow the link and download the original files to get intros, tracks, skins and precious documentation authors normally include in their downloads. Playing missions in campaign mode has many advantages: debriefings, tracking of progress, authors by downloading their work.

Some campaigns out there have not been updated in long time and are not up to current B.A.T. standards… If a campaign does not work right out of the box try copying the missions from these packs to the campaign folder. This should do the trick.


Download a Pack, unzip it and move content to your "Missions" folder. Allow overwrite. Ultimately, you should have:

• IL-2 BAT/Missions/Single
• IL-2 BAT/Missions/Single (Dawn Of Flight)
• IL-2 BAT/Missions/Single (The Golden Age)
• IL-2 BAT/Missions/Single (World At War)
• IL-2 BAT/Missions/Single (The Jet Age)

Launch BAT, go to the Single Mission screen, select the folder of the module you are playing and get airborne!

Once gain, these packs are compatible with B.A.T. v3.8 "Pegasus". Many missions won't work in previous versions.

~ Community Pack Volume 1 ~

+3000 Missions! All stock content plus much of everything from many including many missions produced for TFM-412/CUP/BAT. Lots of training missions in the World At War folder and a good set of air racing courses if you are up for a challenge!

Download: (Last update: 01-Feb-2020)

Credits: Aioros, Airbourne, bergkamp, BH-21, Blindman, buckdanny, danperin, David Prosser, Dieg777, edc1, eyler, Gaston, Geschirrspülmaschine19, gio963tto, Hamm66, JMarso, KevinHoggard, LAL_R_One, looneytunes, mace, Oleg Maddox, ozric, pilot_p-38, POUSSIN1, Ranger97, SpongeBob, Team Daidalos, UberDemon, Vaevictis, vern, vonofterdingen, xeno2x, xxxautoxxx, Zeus-cat and other authors these fine folk might have borrowed content from.

~ Community Pack Volume 2 ~

+2000 Missions! Among the many mission/campaign authors some have produced an enormous amount of content and some keep pushing today the boundaries of what is possible. You know our "usual suspects" well: Monty27, vampire_pilot and Poltava!

Download: (Last update: 01-Feb-2020)

Disclaimer: Sometimes missions are researched and created by one person and later converted or enhanced by a different author. I credited in these packs the publisher of the mission or mission sets. Blame whistler if you disagree, it's entirely my fault.

Have fun! 8)


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