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Benny Vanderheyden's blog that I discovered by chance on Facebook. There are a lot of simple missions and skins.

yeah, too bad you have to be logged in to see it


--- Quote from: SAS~vampire_pilot on August 10, 2019, 08:13:14 AM ---you have to be logged in
--- End quote ---
Means you have to have a Facebook account first.
You've lost me at that point already ;)


Here one more who does not use Facebook :P

I have a folder in my IL2 missions and campaigns collection called: "Missions From Benny". For months he uploaded tons of single missions he'd created and they are darn good. He ran out of old missions to upload and started creating new missions, just for Facebook.

He flies latest versions of stock game, and uses that to make his missions.

I am a fan :)


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